Sunday, November 30, 2008

The E-Z Bake critics of Panhandle Media

If you were a supposed media critic or an alleged independent 'voice,' you might want to critique incoming president Barack Obama's cabinet. And if you were a useless gas bag who lacked both a spine and the ability to come up with an original thought, you'd naturally make it all about Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is mentioned as a nominee for Secretary of State and the toxic Panhandle Media has nothing to offer but the same crap the MSM does.

Why is that?

Because they allowed their inner psychos to be unleashed in the Democratic Party primaries when they attacked Hillary with smears, lies and trash. Yes, there is no difference between Rush Limbaugh and Barbara Ehrenreich (except Rush may be more photogenic). The pathetics on the left real problem with the pathetics on the right has apparently been about the fact that the bums on the right got funding. Unable to get work on their own or to actually work in real media, the losers have had many, many years of funding envy aimed at their equivalent on the right-wing spectrum.

So now the trash from the left has their Christ-child installed but are seen as the butt boys and girls they are, as the sycophants and liars, and they need to offer some lukewarm criticism of Barack in order to trick people into thinking they are 'independent.' So what to do?

Attack Hillary!

Yeah! She may be Secretary of State and we'll attack her! We'll make it all about her! We'll invent lies of how she's rolling all over Our Sweet Lord. We'll spread rumors and make it about how Barack's is still your basic loveable TV Dad but all these harpies out there will trick him! (No, a hapless TV Dad is not a good thing, but the left 'voices' are idiots.)

We're sick of your crap. We're tired of your 'just add water to an old piece on Hillary and insta-critique!'

Try doing something useful, you damn fools.

Try looking into the real war criminals.


As Betty noted last week, Dumb Ass Easy Bake Critic Carlos Fierro was lying that Hillary was "as hawkish a hawk there has ever been." Carlos needs to start licking while he's got his head stuck up his ass, it may prevent him from dying of starvation.

There is no basis for calling Hillary "as hawkish a hawk there has ever been." That's not just propaganda, it's dumb ass. It's beyond hyperbole. That CounterPunch elected to publish that crap just goes to how sick Alex Cockburn was and is.

Hillary Clinton didn't blow the military for her entire career. That would be Sarah Sewall aka Sarah Sewer who wouldn't have had a roof over her head if she hadn't been selling it for the hawks. Sarah Sewer is the one over the US military's 'counter-insurgency' (war on the native people) manual. Sarah Sewer declared less than 12 months ago on PBS that the Iraq War could not be declared a failure because, if that happened, it would prevent future 'interventions.'

While you bore us over and over with your lies about Hillary, don't think we're not noticing that you don't have the guts to call out Sewer or her gal-pal Sammy Power who, for the record, blurbbed that manual with praise.

Our Modern Day Carrie Nations wants troops on the ground in the Sudan. She wants more war. She lusts for war. (If you were married to Cass, you'd need to find something to turn you on as well.) She's a Bloody War Hawk and an embarrassment to her adopted country. But calling her out takes guts and it's so much easier to lie about Hillary.

No research required.

It is, after all, the Amy Goodman way.

Just don't mistake it for independent. Or an actual critique.
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