Sunday, May 18, 2008

Come out of your closets before you Awake and Sing!

"What you mean, I know, and what I mean I also know."

Is it okay to politically out David Mosberg? The British press routinely does. This week In These Times (or, as it's more commonly billed outside the US -- including, repeatedly, The Guardian of London, "the socialist paper In These Times"), non-Democrat Mosberg writes:

Despite some real working-class conservatism, there's strong evidence that a deep reservoir of support exists among working-class voters for progressive economic policy -- if Democrats can tap it.

"Progressive." If the Idiot Lakoff (whose 'institute' went under last month) offered anything it was how Socialist and Communists could 'frame' themselves into being Democrats. Mosberg, dripping with condescension for the working class (not a pretty quality in a so-called 'labor' reporter), just knows he can hold the working class, he can teach them, he can bring them into the fold. Awake and Sing! What you mean, I know, and what I mean, I also know!

In one of those, he just can't let go of it movements, once public Socialist now pretending to be a Democrat Bill Fletcher Jr. took to CounterSpin to push his political-love (Barack Obama) and, yet again, whined about "red-baiting." "Red-baiting," he insisted, was "guilt by association."

Why that, insisted in the closet Bill, is McCarthyism!

Really? We didn't know that MoveOn practiced McCarthyism. From their May 16th mass e-mailing:

Does everyone in [insert your city or town] know Bush and McCain have so many of the same positions?
Make sure they do: Give The Bush-McCain Challenge on the streets of [insert your city or town] on Wednesday, May 28th. It's really easy, and we'll provide a step-by-step guide with materials. Watch this funny video to see how it works--click here:

As humorists, they fail. But MoveOn's associating Bully Boy and McCain by the Idiot Fletcher's nonsense, that must be "red-baiting"! The Obama campaign told The New York Times last week that they intend to try to tie Bully Boy and McCain in the public mind -- that must be McCarthyism!

See, Bill Fletcher Jr. and his ilk really aren't bothered by "guilt by association." That was true prior to McCarthyism as well. The Communist Party was all about smearing others with "guilt by association." They just didn't like it when the same tactics were used on them. The same way Fletcher doesn't like it today when he's on the receiving end but he's happy to take part in it. It's hypocrisy but what can you expect from a man as old as he is who now poses as a Democrat in order to drum up support for Barack?

As long as we're talking realities, let's be clear about this sudden New Deal loving go on. Communists and Socialists were part of the New Deal. That wasn't a problem. The problem was when -- prior to McCarthyism -- they started pretending they were Democrats. Everyone knew they weren't except for those in the public who didn't follow too closely. In the process of pretending, in an early attempt to take over the Democratic Party, they burned a lot of bridges and that's how they found themselves -- for years -- with no public support while they -- and the LGBT community -- were the victims of a government witch hunt.

It's okay for CounterSpin to label and sneer at "centrists" and "liberals" -- as happened Friday -- but no one's allowed to fight back? Everyone's just supposed to take it while they're labeled and while those doing the labeling stay closeted? Don't think so.

For some strange reason, they've been gathering and pretending for years. Fringe Kook and self-loathing lesbian Laura Flanders even packed up and moved over from England (where she would not be able to pretend to be a member of New Labour or anything but a Red). They came along with their "Take Back America!" slogans and their talk of a 'movement.' They pretended they were Democrats and have done a very good job of nearly hijacking the Democratic Party via Panhandle Media which is not 'independent' and which is not Democratic, quit kidding yourself.

They get giddy at the thought of returning to the New Deal days when proximity to power made them glow. We didn't have a problem with them, it's a free country, until they started publicly posing as Democrats to promote a political candidate. Now we're starting to grasp how the grounds were laid for McCarthyism because they've certainly pissed us off as they've popped up in this magazine or that magazine's website, on this radio broadcast or, of course, radio/tv/online in the "largest community grassroots" blah, blah, blah. Always posing, always pretending. When you endorse in a political primary, you damn well better be a member of that party or get honest about it. It's as basic as a warning label on a pack of cigarettes.

They couldn't do that. They wouldn't do that.

And the minute that questions were raised about Barack's official campaign blogger, they started getting nervous and screaming "red-baiting." While they prepare to take part in baiting others. After they've done nothing but smear Hillary Clinton with "guilt by association."

The hypocrisy in Panhandle Media is rank and vile. If the odor makes you sick, you're not alone. But the smell you're smelling is something that's been left in the closet for years. We're just letting some air into the room. And if they don't like it, stay the hell out of Democratic primaries and quit presenting yourself as Democrats.

And quit making false claims of McCarthyism because no one's in the mood and we'll be happy to walk through the realities of all that took place -- especially at The Nation -- before the government ever got involved. It won't be the pretty little revisionary tales you've told for three decades now.

Barack lovers who state in writing or remarks that they're "progressives" should be asked, "But are you Democrats?" Lakoff's only lasting contribution is giving a fancy name to trickery and deceit. The practice of it was already in place in the last century, it just got a new term this century.

The battle for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination has become a referendrum on whether or not the party's going to remain a Democratic Party. The closet cases have made sure of that.
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