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TV: Goodman and Rose 'honoring' bad TV past

Bad TV never seems to dies, it just seems to breed -- thereby explaining the Wolf NBC eye sores as well as the CBS Bruckheimer ones. But Bad TV also seems to echo, it seems to live for years and years beyond anything resembling a normal shelf life.


Take Madonna's guest spot on Will & Grace in season five which found the writers working overtime to provide The Aged Girl with funny lines and found Megan Mullally working her ass off to make the scenes take off. They never did and you can consider that appearance to be Madge's final screen-test. Like Our Lady of Perpetual Self-Promotion, John Nichols hammers the nails for his own coffin and there he was Friday on Amy Goodman's Democracy Somtimes! (soon to be renamed Bambi's Hour Of Power!) acting like such a fool and such a liar that the rest of his long descent will seem superfluous.

Goody, a one time journalist or semi-convincing actor who once passed herself as such, intro-ed Nichols as "the Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine and [he] maintains the blog The Online Beat at He is also associate editor of Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin. John is actually joining us from Toronto, Canada." Offering all but what he ate for breakfast and whether or not he'd changed his underwear that morning, Goody implied he was the perfect guest to address the program's first topic: Michigan and Florida's Democratic primaries. Read over his QV as listed by Goody again and scratch your heads over that 'logic'.

Nichols was booked because he LOATHES Hillary Clinton. He loathes her again and again. Just when you assume he has to have purged of all loathing, he reaches deep and finds more. Which made him the perfect guest for Goody whose tired little act is beginning to show on her face.

Florida and Michigan jumped the gun on their Democratic primaries. As a result, the Democratic National Committee has been threatening that they will refuse to seat the delegates from either state at the DNC convention this August. If the delegates are not "seated," the votes they represent will not be counted. That's a bit more background that Amy Goodman managed to offer, but we'll get back to that.

Bound and determined to lie more than Nichols (and she probably succeeded), Goody told her audience that her guest "has been closely following what's emerging as a critical issue here in 2008's race." Here? Did she mean Toronto? No she was referring to the Democratic vote in those two states and the aftermath. And she was, as usual these days, lying through her pursed lips. Did he closely follow the Michigan primary? No. As Kat pointed out in early January, "John Nichols titles a column 'On to Michigan, Nevada… and Maybe Oregon' but in his very long column, he never mentions Michigan." Including "Michigan" in the title of your scribbles is not "closely following." Amy Goodman didn't closely follow it either -- even when she had complaints before the primary took place. They didn't closely follow Florida either although Goody had to give it a little bit of attention (dismissing it as a "beauty pageant" the day after it took place) due to the fallout.

By contrast, NPR's The Diane Rehm Show repeatedly followed both Michigan and Florida's primaries, repeatedly discussed and addressed them. Why couldn't Goody or, for that matter, Nichols? The answer was demonstrated in how Goody provided background for her segment on Friday: a clip of Howard Dean, chair of the DNC, speaking. It was really amusing to watch Goody and Nichols lie and attempt to act concerned about Democratic voters in Florida and Michigan on Friday when the reality is neither gave a damn in real time and neither gave a damn on Friday. That was why they were silent. The national branch of the party decided the votes wouldn't count ahead of time and, like good little lackeys, alleged 'independent' journalists Goody and Nichols took their marching orders from the DNC -- the voters be damned.

Amy Goodman's "going to where the silences are" does not include taking on the Democratic National Party and standing up for voters. Nor is "populist" John Nichols too concerned about them either as they demonstrated on Friday as well as in real time. In what was, for all intents and purposes, the first real coverage of the two state's primaries, Goody took a pause before beginning because it was really important she get a big lie out of the way early. Noting that Nichols was in Canada, Goody let Nichols smear Hillary Clinton with a false whisper (that two days later still hasn't panned out) presented as a "revelation" by never-a-journalist John Nichols. Remember how Bambi talked big and strong in the Texas debate about NAFTA? Probably not because he mainly repeated the answers Hillary had already given. But he did. He talked big, he talked strong. Down with NAFTA! But his campaign also talked to the Canadian government and assured them that, basically, you have to say certain things to get elected, you know, you have to put one over on those stupid American voters.

Amy Goodman likes to put one over on viewers which is why, before the show began, she was laughing with John Nichols about how they could introduce the unsourced smear against Hillary. (We are actually told she was "cackling.") Goody did that on the program with this fanciful lie, "Well we have covered the Barack Obama aspect of that [NAFTA] quite a bit. What are they saying about Hillary Clinton?" Goody thinks she covered Bambi's NAFTA-Gate "quite a bit"? No, she just thinks her viewers are too stupid to remember reality and that they are too lazy to check the archives.

The debate took place February 27th and Goody judged NAFTA worthy enough of a topic to be included in an actual segment (entitled "Clinton, Obama Hold Final Debate Before Pivotal Votes Next Week") as opposed to just a headline. After that, NAFTA was not worthy of a segment. March 4th, Goody noted this as the third item in her reading of headlines at the top of the show:

In other campaign news, the Associated Press has obtained a memo confirming one of Senator Obama's senior economic advisers met on February 8 with Canadian consulate officials to discuss Obama's criticism of NAFTA. The memo said Obama’s public critque of the trade deal should be seen "as more about political positioning than a clear articulation of policy plans." Obama’s economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee, says his comments about NAFTA were misconstrued by the Canadian officials.

That's a cute little way to 'cover' someone running for the office of president getting caught in a very public lie. Yes, AP did publish the memo. Click here The New York Times story on it that provides you with a link to the PDF format memo. And note the lede to Michael Lou's article:
"The denials were sweeping when Senator Barack Obama's campaign mobilized last week to refute a report that a senior official had given back-channel reassurances to Canada soft-pedaling Mr. Obama's tough talk on Nafta." Yes, the denials from the Bambi campaign "were sweeping" prior to the publication of the memo. What's the oft repeated bromide? It's not the deed, it's the cover-up. But 'journalist' Goody left that out because she uses her show to campaign for Barack Obama. She never told her audience about the denials. In fact, while the controversy swirled, she never said a word on any broadcast. Had the AP not published the memo, she wouldn't have even been forced to finally acknowledge it. Two days later, she was pleased as punch to try to rip apart the story of Bambi being caught in a lie with this fourth item in her reading of headlines (March 6th):

In other campaign news, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has launched an internal security investigation after a memo was leaked to the press discussing a meeting between an adviser to Barack Obama and Canadian officials. The leaked memo alleged that Obama's senior economic adviser assured the Canadians that Obama's public critique of NAFTA was more political positioning than a clear articulation of his policy plans. On Wednesday, Harper said the leak of the memo was blatantly unfair to Obama. The leak came days before the primary vote in Ohio. CBC and other Canadian news outlets report Harper's own chief of staff, Ian Brodie, was the source of what is now being dubbed NAFTA-gate.

For those not in the know, Stephen Harper is both an ass and a conservative and rarely has his word ever carried such weight on Democracy Now! -- in fact, never. But it allowed her to confuse the issue (Bambi caught lying -- with a government document backing those facts up) by acting as if an investigation into a leak was somehow more important. If it seems familiar, it is the M.O. of the White House and, yes, when they do it, Goody calls it out. But she loves her some Bambi. She loves him so much that she's willing to trash journalistic standards and her audience to get him elected.

So informed viewers were most likely laughing when Goody declared that she had "covered the Barack Obama aspect of that quite a bit." She did two headlines. One minimized what had taken place by leaving out the fact that his campaign had offered non-stop denials over a series of days that only ceased when AP published the memo, the other that attempted to act as if the leaking of the memo was the story. (Yes, this is the same Goody who grandstanded recently on the shutting down of Wiki-leaks. Leaks are only good when they don't effect her candidate. And again, she calls this distract-from-the-discovered-lie-by-launching-an-investigation-into-the-leak nonsense out when the White House does it.)

Despite the fact that the AP had to publish not just the stories of NAFTA-gate but also the memo before Goody could get off her tired ass and note NAFTA-Gate, on Friday, she was eager to set John Nichols up so he could turn an unsourced whisper into a "revelation." It was nothing and not worth repeating. It certainly wasn't journalism but, hey, consider the two goons we were watching.

Finally they got around to Florida and Michigan. In Florida, we were told by Goody (with Nichols telling her she was "precisely right") that Democrats in the state legislature voted to move the primary up (along with Republicans) but that they did so "only because they wanted the more important issue of receipts from their electronic voting machines, a paper record." That's a cute re-telling of history. Did they vote for it? Yes, they did. But Goody's attempting to paint it as a Republican move that Dems were opposed to. Whether they strongly supported it or only half-way supported it, they voted for it. That is reality. If they were against it, they could have voted against it. As if that wasn't enough muddying of the issue, Nichols and Goody made sure to render the people of Florida invisible. Though they'd note the vote in Michigan, neither 'journalist' bothered to note that Florida had a record turn out. As Florida's Democratic Party noted immediately after the state's primary, " Florida Democrats today surpassed the total combined vote in the first four 'early states', topped the total population of New Hampshire, shattered the previous state record for turnout in a Democratic Presidential Primary, and even broke the previous record for turnout in ANY Democratic primary in Florida." That's a lot of people for Goody and Nichols to render invisible, in fact, it's 1,708,489 people. But the DNC has rendered the Democratic voters of Florida invisible and Goody and Nichols know who butters their bread.

They never got around to mentioning who won Florida but John Nichols did repeat the lie he's been telling for over a month now (after he and Goody agree that Hillary didn't play by the rules but Bambi had).

Nichols: All the campaigns made agreements not to go into these states, or at least particularly Florida. And in Florida, the amazing thing is that Hillary Clinton, who had agreed not to campaign there, of course, flew into the Florida on the Sunday before the primary, made a very high-profile appearance at an airport, got photographed with the palm trees behind her, and then went to two, quote-unquote "closed fundraisers" and claimed that was not campaigning. So the fact of the matter is that the Obama campaign was disadvantaged here.

The fact of the matter is that John Nichols needs psychiatric help. Both Obama and Clinton were in Florida after the DNC made their ruling in 2007. Both had private fundraisers. Those were permitted by the DNC though John Nichols plays dumb. Bambi actually broke rules -- he advertised over Florida cable which was in violation. He attempted to claim that the ad buys were beyond his control in terms of where they aired but that was a LIE. In addition, Bambi held a press conference in Florida. He initiated it and only closed it down, in his usual petulant manner, when the press pointed out to him that he wasn't supposed to be holding a press conference, that it was in violation of the rules.

From the January 30th "Iraq snapshot:"

Turning to US politics and the coverage of them. As Mike predicted last night, Amy Goodman would get creative with Florida's Democratic Party. She did so today. "Uncontested," crowed Obama supporter Amy Goodman of the primary yesterday. Others rushed to add more spin. Florida voters spoke. For those who have forgotten it, post-2000 elections, well into 2004, Little Media couldn't shut up about the popular vote in the 2000 presidential election. Then, you understand, people mattered. Their voices mattered. But today? They don't matter. Today all Little Media's railing against the electoral college and pretending to give a damn about the direct vote, the voice of the people is revealed as ONE BIG FRAUD. Liars. That is the word. John Nichols lied yesterday -- as Rebecca pointed out at last night -- and his lie that appeared at The Nation yesterday is all over today including at TPM Cafe "wwjb" embarrasses him or her self by citing Nichols' false claim: "On Sunday, she flew to Florida, violating the pledge all the major Democratic contenders has made to avoid campaigning in the state that scheduled its primary earlier than was allowed by the Democratic National Convention." In fairness to "wwjb," prior to this election, Nichols was someone you could take on face value. However, like so many in allegedly 'independent' media, he's disgraced himself and the stain on his name will endure long after the Democratic primary and long after the 2008 elections. You can't just lie and get away with it. If follows you forever and a journalist -- even a columnist -- is not allowed to do that. Reality noted by CNN yesterday, "Clinton attended permitted fund-raisers in Florida on Sunday and planned to appear with supporters there after polls closed." In addition, Obama ran commercials in Florida (he claims it being a "national buy" allows him an exception but the DNC has said no). Nichols leaves out that, he leaves out the Clinton was a fundraiser which is allowed and he left out the fact that Bambi's been in and out of Florida for fundraisers and, in fact, broke a rule in September while in Florida. Via, William March and Elaine Silverstrini (The Tampa Tribune) reported that following a Tampa fundraiser, Obama met with the press to take questions: "The pledge covers anything referred to in Democratic National Committee rules as 'campaigning,' and those include 'holding news conferences.' Obama seemed unaware the pledge he signed prohibits news conferences. Asked whether he was violating it, he said, 'I was just doing you guys a favor." The same article notes that Obama pledged at the fundraiser -- regarding the delegates the DNC is threatening to strip Florida of -- to "do what's right by Florida voters." To recap, Clinton attended a permitted fundraiser as Bambi has done. Unlike Bambi, Clinton did not hold a press briefing.

John Nichols has repeatedly disgraced himself with his non-stop lying and that might be shocking were it not for the fact that Amy Goodman has besmirched her own reputation. If you bothered to watch (we know, why bother), you're aware that neither Goody nor Nichols felt the need to note the results of the primary. For the record, Hillary received 50% of the votes and Bambi received 33%. The results were of no concern to the Media Whores when discussing Florida but how they gas-bagged over Michigan to try to paint Hillary's win as something other than a win.

First up was John Nichols smearing a sitting governor, Jennifer Granhol -- apparently so evil that neither Amy nor John could mention the governor's first name when invoking her repeatedly -- suggesting that she only supported the moving up of the primary because she knew somehow it would benefit Hillary. Amy Goodman accepted Nichols' smear as fact and used the smear to note that the vote was fifty-five percent for Hillary and forty-five percent for someone else. Nichols ran with that declaring that the "undecided vote or the uncommitted vote" was "roughly forty-percent" and that "Dennis Kucinich got five percent of the vote". Let's clear up the basics and then correct John Nichols.

Florida and Michigan both moved up their primary dates. All candidates were listed on the Florida ballot. In Michigan, the ballot list included Hillary Clinton, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd, Mike Gravel and "uncommitted" with John Edwards, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson and Joe Biden not being listed (due to their own actions). John Conyers and many others (not just his wife, as Nichols maintained) campaigned as Obama supporters in Michigan insisting that, if you support Obama, you vote "uncommitted." (The same was done by the Edwards campaign.) Combined, the two campaigns scored forty percent of the vote. Dennis Kucinich did not receive five percent of the vote.*

See, John Nichols wasn't in Michigan, wasn't in Florida and didn't cover either in real time. There was no reason for him to be on the show except for the fact that he writes against Hillary and has trashed her on Amy's cesspool show already this primary season. Dennis Kucinich received four percent of the vote in Michigan. Chris Dodd received one percent. John Nichols is a liar, a fool and a Media Whore but he is not a journalist.

"In fact," he exclaimed on the broadcast, "you see forty-five percent of the Michiganders who went to the poll voted for someone other than Hillary Clinton!" It would apparently kill Nichols to note that Hillary won. She received fifty-five percent of the vote. That percentage was what Obama received in South Carolina and, when it was Bambi, Nichols managed to write ("Chill, Bill") of it as "massive." When it's Hillary, he works overtime to discredit the win. It was interesting to hear him claim that Obama would win Michigan if there was a do-over because "Remember, Jesse Jackson did very, very well in Michigan back in 1984 and '88." Had Bill Clinton made that observation, the likes of Goody and Nichols would again be attempting to tar him a racist (as their crowd did when he noted, following Obama's South Carolina win, that Jackson had won South Carolina). You're seeing Panhandle Media fall apart before your eyes and the only other thing of interest the segment offered was the answer to the question, "Can John Nichols survive what appeared to be a very bad Toni home perm?" The answer would appear to be, "Yes, if he chops it off."

If Nichols' malpractice of journalism on Friday is forgotten (he rewrote reality on Saturday as well), it will only because of the laugh-fest that followed as Amy Goodman brought on Sarah Posner. Posner didn't embarrass herself, but Goody certainly did. The segment was entitled "McCain Embraces Endorsement from Anti-Catholic, Anti-Gay, Anti-Muslim Televangelist John Hagee" and, like a good whore for Bambi, Amy Goodman 'naturally' had to open the segment with Barack Obama from the most recent debate where he had to clarify whether or not he supported Minister Louis Farrakhan. Goody would pout that "Hagee has come under criticism for his controversial statements about homosexuality, Islam, the Catholic Church, women. In contrast with Obama's repeated denunciations of Farrakhan, McCain openly embraced Hagee's endorsement. When confronted about Hagee's controversial views, McCain said he was 'proud' of Hagee and welcomed his support." Goody wasn't done pretending to give a damn about attacks on the LGBT community and felt the need to declare elsewhere, "Finally, Sarah Posner, John McCain continuing to embrace John Hagee, not only around some of these issues that we've discussed, but his comments about homosexuals, about why Hurricane Katrina happened, that it was punishment for the people of New Orleans, his comments about Catholicism."

The casual viewer might have thought Goodman a 'brave' voice who actually gave a damn about homophobia. The reality is that she never uttered a word about Barack Obama's use of homophobia in South Carolina not even, as we noted in January, when interviewing the co-author of "Obama's Big Gay and Black Problem." So spare us all the pretense that Amy Goodman takes any offense to the use of homophobia. She has made it clear that she supports it 100% when it comes from her candidate of choice. Whoring for Bambi has allowed her to destroy her image and it's destroying her reach which is not surprising because her audience has always been smarter than she's ever given it credit for.

January. Yes, back then we were noting how Amy Goodman brought on Professional Liar Melissa Harris-Lacewell twice that month. The first time, Lie Face was allowed to be presented (and present herself, in violation of Princeton's requirements for all academic staff) as just a disinterested observer who happened to catch Obama's speech and was wow-ed by it. The reality would emerge days later when Goody had her back on in what was a set-up (Gloria Steinem was told she was booked for a dicussion but Goody and Harris-Lacewell plotted an ambush before the telecast -- and, yes, they did plot it). On that broadcast, Amy Goodman would finally tell the audience what they had a right to know when Lie Face appeared on the show the week prior, "Melissa Harris-Lacewell is a Barack Obama supporter." Lie Face herself would brag about "the work that I've done on the Obama campaign" -- bragging that, by Princeton's own policy, should have been disclosed on air the week prior when she was praising Obama's speech.

It's not journalism, it's not ethical, it's not academic. And where there is trash, there is Charlie Rose smearing his face in it. Which is how Melissa-Harris Lacewell showed up on his show last Tuesday. It was primary night in Rhode Island, Ohio, Vermont and Texas. The results from Texas would not be known while the show was broadcasting (live for a change) and the topic was the primaries. "Joining me tonight in New York," Rose would offer in that ding-dong voice he's so proud of, "Mark Halperin, editor at large of Time magazine, Errol Louis, columnist of The New York Daily News. And Melissa Harris-Lacewell, professor of politics and African-American studies at Princeton University. From Cleveland Connie Schultz, a columnist for The Cleveland Plain Dealer and in Washington David Brooks, columnist for The New York Times." See the problem? Harris-Lacewell is not a journalist. Nor was it ever revealed on air that she was an Obama supporter and campaigner. There was no one present from the Clinton campaign and Rose never thought audiences had a right to know that Harris-Lacewell was working with the Obama campaign.

Had they been informed of that, there might have been a huge gasp around the country as viewers grasped that someone with the Obama campaign was threatening a Black-Out. She did just that, after snapping at Schultz, declaring Barack Obama had to be given the nomination and if he wasn't "you don't need these core constituents to vote for Republicans. You simply need them to not vote, to not show up, to not come out." As that point she was referring to African-American and "environmentalist green folks." The latter claim is hilarious because Bambi is backed by the nuclear and coal industry and Harris-Lacewell quickly dropped that issue stating, "There is a longstanding capture of the African-American vote within the Democratic Party." Note the choice of "capture" -- who's disempowering voters with their word choice. She continued babbling on and moved over to "Congresswoman Stephanie Jones" whose, Harris-Lacewell stated, "many constituents are calling for her to follow their lead once she gets to the convention". Stephanie Tubbs Jones is her name and, as usual, 'professor' Harris-Lacewell doesn't know her facts. Harris-Lacewell's referring to an astro-turf campaign that's been very successful in making members of Congress feel threatened but that may be changing due to the fact that we spoke with one member of Congress early last week to explain this 'spontaneous' 'uprising' was not, in fact, spontaneous and that, if he checked, he'd grasp that he'd been astro-turfed by people outside his voting area. He did just that. And by the end of the week, was stating (and we have permission to note this) that he's not announcing he's changing his support for Obama as a super delegate but that he will not be supporting Obama as a super delegate. He will also be speaking with other members of Congress who made announcements under pressure to advise them to check into whether they truly heard from constituents or were just the targets of astro-turf. We were informed of the astro-turf efforts by a student of a 'professor' who feels used and no longer supports Barack Obama and provided us with some background on how the 'movement' was built.

Harris-Lacwell kept referencing African-American voters not voting if Bambi isn't given the nomination and we're not in the mood for her garbage so let's move on to the moment where she revealed on television how these 'spontaneous' pressure efforts work.

African-Americans, Harris-Lacewell informed, have "even called on poeple like Tavis Smiley who generally who has great support among African-Americans a huge critique of his critique of Tavis Smiley's critique of Barack Obama." That is how she worded it (and we're taking that from the transcript faxed to us by a PBS friend who states it's also available for $9.95 at something called ""). Yes, she sounded like an idiot but she was lost for a reason, she was lost inside her own echo chamber. The windmills of her mind were creaking.

Harris-Lacewell not only didn't disclose that she was part of the Obama campaign, she also didn't disclose, while promoting this criticism of Tavis Smiley, that she was a part of that. On February 15th, Harris-Lacewell posted "Who Died and Made Tavis King?" at her own website and it was picked up by many other websites though we don't find anyone who ran it in full. A pity because near the end of slamming Smiley, she shares she won't be watching his State of Black Union coverage, "I will be phoning Texas voters to remind them to head out to the polls on March 4." Poor Melissa, her campaign work is never done.

Alleged disinterested party (if you catch her broadcast media appearances) Melissa opened her post with, "Does Tavis realize that Obama is trying to win an election?" She referred to Smiley's actions as "throwing a temper tantrum" and, though we'd agree she's an expert on how to do that, we think she's actually projecting on Smiley. She explains that Obama was too busy ("he was announcing his bid for US presidency") to attend 2007's State of Black Union conference and that he is this year as well (he's "busy trying to win Texas . . . Obama wins Texas; Hillary goes home.") It is a ridiculous post in which Melissa Harris-Lacewell makes clear that Obama is more important than any movement or than the African-American community with declarations such as, "But Tavis and company think Obama should spend precious hours chatting with them about their agenda."

"Their agenda"? She calls Smiley a "Queen-Maker." We just call Melissa a LIAR. She attacks "the old guard Civil Rights leaders" who "are genuinely unwilling to cede power, believing that they have an authenticy claim based on their proximity to Martin Luther King, Jr." and it only gets worse from there. It's one long rant. She wonders if Smiley "is just jealous" and states there's no reason for Obama to take time out from his busy campaign (Lousianna -- the location for the 2008 State of Black Union -- is a Texas border-state) and that they should be happy to have his wife attend (Michelle Obama didn't attend). If you're remembering Harris-Lacewell's non-feminist smears of Hillary as First Lady, she wants to be sure you do by adding: "If Hillary can claim Bill's presidency as her experience, I am pretty sure Michell can talk to Tavis on the campaign's behalf."

Has there ever been a more demented soul? On the right plenty and that's the thing, Harris-Lacewell, by most accounts, isn't even a lefty. She's a centrist (and a brat) and, considering where his real support comes from, that's really not a surprise, now is it?

See, that's how the 'movement' works. On February 15th, Melissa Harris-Lacewell launches an attack on Tavis Smiley and, by March, she's appearing on The Charlie Rose Show and referencing attacks on Smiley without ever noting her own part in those attacks. It's an echo chamber and we're told she's been one of the most effective devisors of the echo chamber the Obama campaign uses.

And she's done her part, assisted by Media Whores and journalists who just don't do their work, by appearing as a 'professor' and not as part of the Obama campaign when she shows up on your TV screens. It's lying. It's dishonest and the only thing that strikes us as justice is news that a record of her violations is now being kept.

Remember how John Nichols and Amy Goodman reminded us of that very bad guest-starring bit by Madonna on Will & Grace? The Charlie Rose Show, and pretty much all the TV gas bagging of the Democratic primaries, reminds us of a season three episode of Mission Impossible which plays out like Hatred Of All Women as the IMF team goes to San Cordova to stop Riva Santel (played by Ruth Roman) from becoming the ruler of the country. That episode, originally broadcast in 1968, targets the woman's weakness which, no surprise, is her looks. It's every cliche and stereotype you could imagine. As the boys team up against a woman, they only succeed because they have a token to do their dirty work, Cinnamon (played by Barbara Bain) who poses as a journalist (repeating, this character is played by Barbara Bain, not Amy Goodman) and pretends to be of advanced years that injections hide. If you've seen that bad, bad episode, you might think it's rare that such sexism is ever so clearly displayed -- but if you really think that, you've missed out on the 'coverage' the media has offered up this primary season in their non-stop efforts to take down Hillary Clinton. Needless to say, the likes of Melissa Harris-Lacewell do the dirty work Cinnamon did in 1968.

Bad TV, it never truly goes away. Nor will the damage so many have done to their own reputations. That's what is known as justice.


** Ava and C.I. note added 5-22-08. It is not our job to spoonfeed you. For some reason, CNN has changed their results on Michigan since we wrote this review. Instead of searching around, The Cult of Obama screams we've made up Chris Dodd's percent in Michigan. We did not.

0 delegates*
Candidate Vote % Delegates
Hillary Rodham Clinton 328,309 55.2% Delegates stripped by party.
Uncommitted 238,168 40.1
Dennis J. Kucinich 21,715 3.7
Christopher J. Dodd 3,845 0.6
Mike Gravel 2,361 0.4
100% reporting

That is from the New York Times' "Michigan Primary Results."

Need more? You can currently check AP's "Michigan Primary Numbers" via Michigan's WHSV but it won't copy and paste here without running together. Still need more?

Michigan Democratic Primary Results
Hillary Clinton 328,15155%
Uncommitted 237,76240%
Dennis Kucinich 21,7084%
Chris Dodd 3,8531%
Mike Gravel 2,3630%

That's from The Washington Post's "Michigan Democratic Primary." It's not our job to spoonfeed you. Why did CNN 'change' the results of the primary since we utilized them on March 8th for this March 9th article? Ask them. Here's their feedback page. But don't bother us with your garbage e-mails again. Chris Dodd received one percent of the vote. In case anyone else wanted to get creative, we've copied and pasted those in exactly. Those are the results and are what they were on May 22, 2008.
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