Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crackpot Stephen Zunes expressing Hillary Hatred

Iraq. Forget the Shias and the Sunnis, what's America going to do about the loonies?

See Iraqi Shias and Sunnis, Christians, Palestinians, Assyrians, Yezidis, et al should determine what their country will do, not the US. But what America can do is determine what to do about American loonies.

Take university professor Stephen Zunes, the loon whom Mike awarded Dumb Ass of the Week to and who, as C.I. outlines, more than earned it. Zunes has become a crackpot and you can see how pathetic Panhandle Media truly is as they waive him on through without correction.

Zunes wrote "Hillary Clinton's Iraq Speech at GWU: An Annotated Critique" (Foreign Policy in Focus, March 25, 2008) which itself requires an annotated critique because it's full of half-truths and outright lies. The piece had an 'editor,' Emily Schwartz Greco, who apparently wasn't overly concerned with either truth or the chore of editing. Foreign Policy in Focus bills itself as a "think tank without walls" but, as C.I. pointed out, it reveals itself as a "think tank without thought." Common Dreams, which never misses a chance to attack Hillary Clinton, was so taken with the piece that they didn't think facts mattered either.

In one of his BIGGEST LIES in the scribble, Loony Zuny hops on his soap box to begin a sentence with, "During her one trip to Iraq, in February 2005, . . ."

Her one trip to Iraq?

We haven't laughed so hard since another 'professor,' Patricia J. Williams of The Nation, declared on KPFA to Andrea Lewis that Barack Obama voted against the 2002 Iraq resolution. When a caller rightly pointed out to Columbia's 'professor' Patti that Bambi wasn't in the US Senate in 2002, Patti lost it on air and began snarling.

See that's how our 'great' 'minds' on the left work. They LIE and then they LIE some more. And when they get called on it, they ATTACK. And then they go on to repeat the LIE in other outlets.

Loony Zunes is semi-regular on KPFA so you can be pretty sure he's showed up as an 'expert' on various programs to promote his latest lie that Hillary only visited Iraq once and, chances are, unless it was a call-in segment, no one corrected his LIE. Going to believe Liar Zunes or your own eyes?


Thanksgiving 2003, Hillary Clinton visited Iraq in a heavily covered trip. She distributed toothpaste and toothbrushes to the troops in one of the more heavily reported segments. At the time, the right-wing went into overtime with lies about how the troops hate Hillary and how they refused to meet with her, how they refused to eat with her, how . . . All lies and, here's the thing, Panhandle Media back then could call those lies out. Today, they just want the unqualified Barack Obama installed into the White House, so they ignore not only factual events, but ones they once stressed and corrected.

It's these kind of LIES that has led many to begin arguing it's time to pull Panhandle Media's funding. You're seeing them self-destruct before your own eyes. Pop some popcorn and enjoy the fireworks and implosions because, as they've demonstrated through their actions, truth has never been a priority for them. They've discredited their own reputations (such as they were) to pimp a candidate. Since the candidate was unqualified, they had to LIE and they've demonstrated over and over, that's the only thing they have to offer these days.
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