Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ridiculous statement of the week II

While it would be unfair to fault Hillary Clinton for the mistakes of her husband, the only precise information the public has about what she would do on Day One is her husband’s unchallenged statement that her first act in office would be to send him and George H.W. Bush on an international fence-mending tour.

-- The increainsgly ridiculous Robert Parry in "Explaining Our View on Clinton-Obama" (Consortium News). Of course those words above didn't prevent him from doing exactly what he says is unfair -- maybe his long, long talk to Amy Goodman about Bill Clinton's passport in the 1992 election and it being 'skipped over' after Clinton was elected slipped his mind. There are other examples. We hadn't planned to note the above, mainly because we hadn't seen it. A one-time colleague of Parry's at Associated Press called to pass the above on.
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