Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tuesday Pacifica Radio Archives broadcast

As Ruth and C.I. have noted, Pacifica Radio Archives is celebrated Tuesday with a nineteen-hour special. Whether you can pledge or not, if you're able to listen to a broadcast over the airwaves or online streaming, you can participate.

Pledges are tax deductable. $25 will net you a "One year subscription to Ms. magazine. The title of Ms. magazine came from a friend of Gloria Steinem's who heard the term in an interview on WBAI radio and suggested it as a title for the new magazine." With $50 or more, you have more selections including a voucher that you can utilize at a later date to obtain an archived broadcast from the catalogue (which, ideally, you should receive in time to make a gift of it for those thinking of next month's holidays). If you have the money to give (no one who doesn't have it to give need feel guilty or think they shouldn't listen) but it's a smaller amount -- say ten dollars -- that's not a problem. All donations are appreciated and, if you time it right, you might come across a matching period where someone matches your donation and the amount Pacifica would receive doubles (i.e. you pledge ten dollars and the donor agreeing to match adds their amount so that's a twenty dollar pledge -- your pledge amount that you provide is what decides the gift so if you give $25 dollars during a matching period, that does not entitle you to select from the gifts for a fifty-dollar pledge). You can pledge securely online or by phone -- (818) 506 -- 1077 in LA, (800) 735-0230 outside of Los Angeles.

What all who listen get is important history and an enjoyable broadcast. You may learn new things, you may be reminded of things you have forgotten. We would encourage listeners to tune in or stream the broadcast at work so that it can be shared. The broadcast begins Tuesday in the EST zone at seven a.m., in the Central Time zone at six a.m. and in the Pacific Time zone at four a.m. You can listen at (or over the airwaves in the Berkley area), (or over the airwaves in the Los Angeles area), (or over the airwaves in the Houston area), (or over the airwaves in the New York area), (or over the airwaves in the DC area) and it should stream live online at the Pacifica Radio website. We've included all stations and, if you already listen to one, that should be your natural choice. But it should be noted that both KPFK and WBAI have had streaming issues in the past for some readers but that is "in the past." You can select other streams at either now (Kat recommends "behind a firewall" if you're listening to KPFK online). If you don't already have a player that allows you to stream, we know you can download one -- free -- via Houston's KPFK.

Among the programs will be:

"Sounds That Change The World: Wake Up And Hear The History"

"Beat Of The Drum: The Power Of African Women"

"Battles Cry: Conscientious Objectors from Vietnam To Iraq" -- this is a two-parter hosted by Amy Goodman and Aimee Allison will be featured on the second part.

"The Whistle Blown: Conversations With The President, 1973" (featuring dramatic re-enactments of the Nixon Watergate tapes) -- this is the special, pay attention regular readers, that will feature Cass Elliot. We all love Cass. Here is your chance to hear her take part in a historic broadcast you may have forgotten or been unaware of until now.

"Alan Watts: Preaching To The Unconverted"

"The Black Panther Legacy: Without Silencers"

"The Big Band: Where Were You In 1968?"

"The John Coltrane Legacy"

"Things That Go Bump: SF & The Star Pit"

"Ringing Testimonies: Women Of The World Speak Out"

"Malcolm X: A Voice Of Influence"

"Booming Industry: A No Nukes Reunion For A New Nuke Crisis" featuring a 2007 conversation with No Nukes co-founders Jackson Browne, Graham Nash and Bonnie Raitt.

That's a pretty amazing lineup. There's not a yawn or what-else-is-on moment in the bunch. The lineup can be found here and it also contains preview audio of each special.

Pacifica Radio Archives

Last year's "Voices for Peace" broadcast exceeded the target fundraising goal. That can happen again this year. You do not have to donate to listen. It's a Bully Boy economy and no one that can't afford to donate should feel shut out or excluded. It's radio for the people, all the people. If you know you won't be able to donate and our words don't reassure you, you can 'donate' by getting the word out on the special so that it has one of the largest audiences in history.

We all support the Pacifica Radio Archives because it is an audio history. If you're new to that concept, Tuesday will provide you the basics.
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