Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sweet Nepotism


Hey gals and guys,

It's me The Peace Resister Koo Koo Katrina. If I'm writing you know it's unimportant but let me bore you with the non-doings by the Roosevelt Institute and, in case anyone's wondering, I always plug them because Daddy sits on the board. (Sits right next to the DLC's Al From and together they make sure the think-tank never even tilts left!) Somehow when heaping useless, lavish praise on them, I always forget to mention spy Daddy, er my Daddy, sits on the board. Or that I do too!

Now it's pretty much a journalistic no-no to ever write about an organization you or your own family serves on without noting the service but as editor and publisher of The Nation, I long ago moved the periodical away from journalism.

That's why a lot of fools praise our really bad article on Iraq without taking us to task for having in our possession "dozens of photos" of abuses and not printing a single one.

You can have journalism or you can have fluff. The Nation, as led by me, is all about the fluff.

So Daddy's think-tank brain washes young people (we pick the centrists and the center-left from the bottom of the barrel) and tasked them to name "the most pressing issues facing our generation" and, good suck ups and weasels that they are, Iraq didn't make the list.

Oh, I'm bored already. Let me change the subject. But I won't write about American Idol again, got too much flack for that last time (even after the post was "disappeared") so let me again whine about Time Warner's "scheme" against independent magazines. Again, some might suggest I disclose Daddy's relationship to Time-Warner, but I wouldn't be setting myself up as the indy queen bee if I did that, would I?

I'm tired. I should start planning a seventeenth birthday party anyway.


Koo Koo Katrina
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