Sunday, June 03, 2007

Operation Iraqi (Oil) Liberation


Last week, as May was winding down (and shaping up to be the worst month of the year for US military fatalities), Bully Boy met with Iraq's president, Jalal Talabani, in the White House and the two held a press conference. In the press conference, the Bully Boy declared, "The President fully understands the need for the Iraqi government to meet certain benchmarks, and he is dedicated to achieving those benchmarks. We're working very hard, for example, on getting an oil law with an oil revenue-sharing code that will help unite the country. Working very hard on de-Baathification law -- reform, as well as provincial elections."

Note what got mentioned first: "getting an oil law." But it's not about the oil, remember. The illegal war was never about oil. Some might argue that the de-Baathification law and provincial elections might supersede the need to work on legislation for Iraq's oil.

Some might rightly question why the US is so interested in what Iraq's going to do with their oil, or why the US is pushing for the theft of oil that will allow foreign oil companies to pocket up to 70% of Iraq's oil.

But remember, it was never about oil. It was about . . . WMD! And then it was about democracy! But never, ever about oil.
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