Sunday, May 20, 2007


This is written by -- and all highlights selected by unless otherwise noted -- Wally, Betty, Rebecca, Cedric, Elaine and Mike.

"Popcorn and Queso in the Kitchen" -- Trina's latest addresses Kucinich and graduations.

"The Janet Jackson-ing of Thomas Friedman" -- Get ready, the War Paint Council is meeting again. Our hearts go out to Betinna.

"Tori wades in" -- Kat promised she'd review Tori Amos' American Doll Posse and it went up today. It would have gone up a few hours sooner but Flickr problems prevented that. Check it out and Mike's favorite track on the CD is "Secret Spell."

"Ruth Reports" -- Pacifica's in fundraising mode. That doesn't give Ruth a great deal to address. So since there were e-mails about the pledge drive, Ruth decided to tackle that topic.

"NYT: Paper that couldn't name Abeer wants to talk 'hidden casualties'" -- In a hard hitting week for C.I. who would have thought Saturday would top it all? Mike's mother (Trina) didn't think things could get more hard hitting than an entry on Thursday. She wanted that highlighted (and it will be) but she agreed, Saturday was the hardest hitting.

"And the war drags on . . ." -- this was Treva's pick. C.I. addressing the issue of a military's commander's opinion that American lack will.

"THIS JUST IN! FAILURE PAYS PRETTY DAMN WELL!" and "Things just get more rotten at the VA" -- Wally and Cedric hit hard on the bonuses given out (with your tax payer dollars) to underserving and underperforming administrators.

"Antonia Zerbisias, Patrick Cockburn" -- one of our favorite posts by Elaine this week. (She refused to let us link to our favorite. She'll explain why on Monday at her site.)

"Kevin Zeese, Third Estate Sunday Review" -- Jim's pick for Mike's best post. He also said Mike did a much better job in this than he (Jim) did in last week's "A Note To Our Readers." (Mike notes that he hadn't been up for over 24 hours straight before writing his post.)

"In the Company of Men" and "THIS JUST IN! BULLY BOY SEEKS (MALE) PLAYMATE" -- Cedric and Wally explain what's up with the Bully Boy.

"democracy now, free speech radio news" -- Rebecca returns to posting with a wide ranging post.

"The Alberto Gonzales Show" -- Betty filling in for Rebecca gives the break down on the latest Gonzales news.

"Guest post by Mike" -- Mike discusses Cedric and the paper of little-to-no record's lousy performance.

"Ron Jacobs & more (Betty filling in for Rebecca)" -- Betty shares a personal story (with a friend's permission).

"Did you hear the news today? Oh boy" -- Betty updating you on Gonzales. Now what's up with Rebecca. She says she'll be posting more this week unless something comes up and Betty says she's agreed to post ("even at the last minute!") any time she's needed. Jim and Mike are also willing to post (as is C.I. but C.I.'s already doing enough).

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Exit the Poodle" -- we left this out last week by mistake. Our apologies to Isaiah.
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