Sunday, April 08, 2007

Message from Jim, Dona and Ty

Where's the edition? Where's the TV commentary!

The TV commentary was knocked out by Ava and C.I. at the start of the edition. They're taking on a net-lette (and quite a bit more).

The three of us are currently working on changing the look of the site. We're not sure what's going on with our links. We think we've added to the list. They aren't showing up.

If they do show up and you see a site you liked or a site that you run is no longer linked:

(a) Did you trade links and drop us? Fuck off.

(b) When we switched layouts, we lost all links except The Common Ills. (The most important one stayed at least.) We're trying to reconstruct from memory.

(c) If they show up, what we've added, you'll see a number of audio (Hilda's Mix was read by us) as well as text. Along with Laura Flanders and other programs, you should see some Pacifica outlets. We've linked to WBAI (the first Pacifica four of us knew of -- Jim, Dona, Ty and Jess), KPFA (which the core six listens to constantly -- Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess, Ava and C.I.) and KPFK (which we often catch when we're in their listening area). If you're a fan of, for instance, Houston's station, e-mail us. If you're a regular reader, we'll be happy to note it.

(d) The whole point of the switch was to be able to add a video -- just one. Jokes on us because the "widget" for that is unavailable.

There is a roundtable this edition.

That's what derailed the session.

We are a diverse group. That's a good thing.

If you've ever spoken to someone and, in the course of a conversation, found that something you rolled your eyes at but didn't take seriously was actually hurtful to someone you loved, then you can picture what happened here.

We had no idea one person (Jess) was seriously upset about something online. How upset he was came out in the roundtable. We take that very seriously (and that site will be delinked throughout the community). It's no longer acceptable, on the left, to use certain terms to stereotype and pile on hate. But apparently, some old schooler thought he could find a new scapegoating group. (Yeah, bullshit Bob Somerby. Two who asked us to address his crap from Friday have already e-mailed asking, "Did I destroy the edition?" No. It is going up.)

What we decided after the roundtable was that, at 5:00 am for East Coasters and two am for us, the smartest thing might be for everyone to get some sleep. We planned to regroup after church (for Betty and Cedric) and finish the edition. We were all in agreement with that provided we all went to sleep. (Translation -- to steal from C.I., we all went to sleep. C.I. didn't stay up working on The Common Ills.)

So we're rested and waiting to be rejoined by Betty and Cedric. As we waited, the three of us thought we'd worked on making a video available. That required changing the layout. So now we're scrambling to get links back.

Kat, C.I., Ava and Jess are out grabbing breakfast for all of us. That's where things are right now. We have the TV commentary completed, the roundtable completed (and typed up and edited), we have two other pieces and we'll round that out shortly when we start back up.
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