Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mommy's Pantyhose wants to be a tough boy

Mommy's Pantyhose was back in the news last week.

The 'tough boy' had about as much to offer of use as usual.

Which means zip. Zilch. Zero.

He participated in a panel discussion. (We're being kind.)

The topic was US war resister Ehren Watada, the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse to deploy to the illegal war.

There were two other people on the panel besides Mommy's Pantyhose.

There was a c.o., Joshua Casteel , who spoke about the bravery required to take a stand. There was Amy Goodman who made some half-points. No, we're not slamming as her being half-informed. We're just noting that she didn't get to finish her points because Mommy's Pantyhose kept cutting her off. We won't say the obvious, we'll just say this shouldn't be surprising to anyone who paid attention to the final section of our last book review.

Goodman tried. She just couldn't get a word in.

Mommy's Pantyhose was show boating, the way he did when he was at J.P. Morgan. Oh wait. Yeah, that's where he comes from. Not the 'streets.' No, he's the Vanilla Ice of the War Hawks. Possibly he took to wearing Mommy's Pantyhose on his head to counteract that privaleged background?

Keeping it real, hommies! Keeping it real.

He knows, he was there . . .

Yeah, he used that b.s. to sell the continuation of the illegal war in 2004 and in 2005. Is it any surprise he's still selling it in 2006?

To some, maybe. He's not an "anti-warrior." Again, see the book discussion.

But what he is, besides a poser, is the Vietnam revisionary for this war. He didn't wait a decade after the war ended to start whining Rambo-esque b.s. about 'hands tied' and the 'plan' not being thought out. He cashed in on that while the war was going on. Or tried to. No one really bought his book.

But hey, he's Rachel Maddow's buddy. That should count for . . . nothing.

When he talks Iraq, he talks 'strategy,' he talks about his 'men,' he's got so much crap spilling out of his mouth, we honestly wish, instead of attempting to make a point, Amy Goodman had just handed him a roll of toilet paper, on air, and said, "Wipe."

A lot of people propped us this soft boy who seems to think he found his masculinity in Iraq. If so, would he really wear Mommy's Pantyhose on top of his head? We think not. And we don't think it's 'street' because the only 'street' he knows is Wall St. It's as laughable as another 'tough boy' who also befriended him. While 'radio tough boy' couldn't stop sniffing around his crotch, his former radio co-host (actually the host) didn't put up with Mommy's Pantyhose's crap. She called him out on air.

Mommy's Pantyhose thinks he's look 'street' when he slaps that ridiculous thing on his hand. Radio 'tough boy' is attempting to steal from African-American culture as well. He's taken to billing himself as "Unbought and Unbossed." Shirley Chisholm rolls over in her grave. What is it about this soft, little, White boys that makes them think they can raid Black culture and get away with it?

It's a soft wipes life for them . . .

Late in 2005, Rolling Stone gave Mommy's Pantyhose a platform to go after the anti-war movement and, oh, did he. Rolling Stone did manage to note that the group Mommy's Pantyhose leads wasn't participating in the September rally. They failed to note that Mommy's Pantyhose isn't about ending the war. Not a surprise when you consider the fact that the former cultural bible is so lost (and so 'centered') it's bleeding longterm subscribers like never before. Rolling Stone once made contributions, now it only issues condemnations to those who do. Jann, quit dabbling and return the magazine's soul before it's too late.

It's really past time that they all find their souls. Everyone claiming they want to end the war needs to show some committment to that and a start is by not propping up voices who advocate the continuation of the illegal war as 'anti-war,' 'peace' or 'anti-warrior.'

Mommy's Pantyhose isn't a very 'democratic' type. His argument, in the panel, was that it's up to a court to decide whether the war is illegal, that Ehren Watada should just blindly follow orders. He didn't want to hear anything from Goodman, he didn't want to hear her remarks about the impact Watada's stand (and others) is making. He just knew that a 'promise' had been made and it must be kept.

Free will does not exist in Mommy's Pantyhose's world. Personal responsibility does not exist in Mommy's Pantyhose's world.

Hot air was all he provided on the panel. The panel taking place on mainstream media, no real surprise. But independent media should think twice before they put him on as an 'anti-war' type. They should also contemplate whether someone who appears to know so little should have been given a platform in the first place. His 'argument' sounded as though it was made by someone completely unaware of the Nuremberg Trials. That should frighten everyone.
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