Tuesday, July 05, 2022

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Oh, Glenn.  At the end of the day, you still suck a cock.


I don't have time for Glenn Greenwald.  As he rushes around in a flurry to dry hump every conservative journalist and reassure them that homophobic Clarence Thomas is a 'good guy.'  


Glenn's whole shtick began in college where the scared little gay guy sought out conservative men -- in part due to his strong urges for humiliation.  And there he let them tell their f*g jokes and reassured them that others were just too sensitive and couldn't take a joke.  He provided cover for homophobia even back then.


He went onto self-style as an important voice.


But he always got it wrong.  


He was for the Iraq War, for example.  And he went around whoring for Barack Obama, a fact he loves to lie about now.  But he and his hag Jane Hamsher.  He felt so like a boy around Jane as they trashed Hillary Clinton with sexist remarks.  He never apologized for that.  He pretends like all the whoring he did for Barack never happened, just like he tries to fudge the truth about his support for the Iraq War.


And he's wrong again today.



Clarence Thomas made clear in his concurring opinion in DOBS that he wants to overturn marriage equality and return to the days when anal sex was illegal


So it's really pathetic to watch Glenn Greenwald rush around insisting that Thomas is a good guy.


He's not.  He's a piece of trash.  One who is actively working to overturn the rights of the LGBTQ community.  And Glenn's giving him cover.  Glenn attacks the Ts in the group and makes the transphobic thinks that's okay because, well, a gay guy does it so it's okay.


That's all Glenn Greenwald's ever been -- the excuse for straight people to attack LGBTQs and, at the end of that road, Glenn may yet found out, that ends with them attacking him as well.  David Brock is pretty pathetic.  But at least he was able to finally see as the 90s wound down that there was no place for a gay man in the GOP.  Glenn's more pathetic than David Brock.  As he plays footsie with the people who would kill us, he doesn't grasp that, at the end of the day, to them, he's still just a cocksucker like the rest of us.


Added: An e-mail came in telling me I was a homophobe.  Bitch.  Please.  You should have known, I'm a gay, African-American man.  That's a known if you've ever read this site before.  So spare me the "As a straight man, you should not say . . ."  As an idiot, you should not e-mail -- how 'bout that?  Sounds good to me.

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