Sunday, October 20, 2013

Press Whoring: Entertainment Section

We hope Ann Hornaday was paid her hourly rate because she certainly earned it from her ridiculous Washington Post profile of Robert Redford.


The 77-year-old one-time movie star has a new film.  Rebecca reviewed it in "the old queen and the sea."  It's the sort of embarrassing performance you'd expect from the biggest living name actor to never win an Academy Award.  Ann Hornaday is even more embarrassing than Redford as she writes:

There are moments while talking with Robert Redford when you can see that 1970s sex symbol peeking through from a weathered 77-year-old face -- starting when he rises from a couch in a New York publicist’s office, looking amazingly fit in jeans, white T-shirt and cordovan cowboy boots. Settling in for a brief interview, one's tempted to lean across the coffee table and tuck back a lock of his thick, only slightly graying hair, just like Barbra Streisand did in The Way We Were.

First off, it's 'reddish blond' (Redford prefers "strawberry blond").  Second, it's a wig.  Rip it off his head and you can play with it as much as you want.

Hornaday insists that "Redford's still got it."

Yes, he does.

If your idea of hot is changing the adult diapers and using baby wipes on an elderly man's forever flacid wiener is "it," absolutely.  Reality, Robert Redford today makes Grandpa Simpson look spry.

Still got it?

Hey, for the safety of everyone, keep Hornaday out of retirement homes!

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