Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Princess Brat Chronicles

Princess Brat Caroline Kennedy is not an author but she is a whore.

Princess Brat

We'll address the last one first because Ty (off this edition except for the roundtable) passed on that "'Whore' is a fitting word" has resulted in a few e-mails asking for more detail and a few complaining (and a lot agreeing).

"Whore is the word for her," C.I. explains. "I didn't propose it on the previous feature but I didn't object and I didn't because it fits. It's used as an insult. It has nothing to do with how many sexual partners Caroline has had or her being paid for sex. It has to do with her whoring out beliefs. Specifically, her mother protected her. Caroline's entire childhood and early adulthood were protected by her mother who did not allow the press to pry. So when she decided to invite herself to Elvis funeral -- and she was not invited, she invited herself -- and to pretend she wanted to pay respects on behalf of her president. She lied. She whored her family's good name to crash a funeral -- repeating, to crash a funeral. That goes beyond unacceptable, it goes beyond tacky. It is whorish behavior. As an adult, she has insisted upon her zone of privacy -- the one her mother created for her. But she crashed a funeral, the funeral of a young girl whose father had died. And she crashed it to write about it. That's whorish behavior. There is no -- and never will be -- forgiveness for what she did."

Elaine adds, "It's disgusting and it is so typical Caroline. There are always rules for everyone else and then special rules for Caroline. That's why she wrote that dithering Newsweek column calling for Bill Clinton to resign over an affair and yet no one is ever allowed to ask Caroline about her father's affairs. It's just like she can interject into that situation in the nineties and yet today all the chatter is about her alleged affair and no one can ask her about that. She's a spoiled brat and she has always been a spoiled brat. And the lack of maturity involved in this two sets of rules -- one for everyone else and one for herself -- also goes to her hostility towards democracy. Her funeral crashing? Trashy. Trashy and embarrassing. Whorish is a kind way of describing it. She invaded a family's privacy to write about it. She lied and pretended she was paying respects on behalf of her family in order to get a trashy byline."

Moving over to the issue of "Caroline's an author!" . . . No, she's not. And all the idiots can repeat that lie until 2020 and it still won't make it true. Caroline is a 'co-author' of two books and the books in question are best described as Constitution For Dummies. Her other 'books'? She was the 'editor' who cobbled together poems by others, stories by others, etc. Caroline Kennedy has never broken a sweat in her life (which, yes, does explain those flabby thighs).

The sad little mind under all that orange hair produces 'writing' like: "Last summer during the debate on the Patients' Bill of Rights, I took my daughter, Rose, to see her Great-Uncle Teddy at work in the United States Senate. . . ." Was she writing the introduction to Shameless Name Dropping.

Now the hypocritical lazy ass wants to be a United States Senator. She doesn't want to run for the position because that requires actual work. Princess Brat wants the job given to her -- as a gift. And she likes it, she may keep it and if she doesn't, well she's done with it.

See, Caroline's not willing to disclose her finances. That's why she depends upon appointments and not open elections. Caroline will audition the job. She will not, however, audition for the job.

A lot is made of the fact that Caroline has nothing to offer but her name and, while that is true, we wonder if people really get that fact?

We're not just talking about the experience -- which we'll get to. We're talking about the fact that no one knows a damn thing about her politics. In 2008, she made a presidential endorsement. What else does anyone know? Not a damn thing. They invest her with these positions because her last name is "Kennedy." No one knows what she stands for. And they could be in for the same shock Californians got when assorted Kennedys descended to campaign for Republican Ahnuld. No one knows what she stands for and she hasn't even saw fit to sit for a hard hitting interview that would probe her positions on various issues.

Experience? Princess Brat has none. Which is why the press had to work overtime inflating lunch with Al Sharpton into a MidEast peace talk. By contrast, US House Rep Carolyn Maloney worked her butt off last week. The New York Congress woman has actually run for office. So has the state's Attorney General Andrew Cuomo who also worked his ass off last week.

And Marcia raised a point last week that needs to be repeated: Where is the demand for the first African-American governor of New York to appoint a woman -- or person -- of color to the Senate seat? That question should be right up there with: Exactly what message is sent when an inexperienced, spoiled rich kid is appointed to an office?

Illustration is Isaiah's "Princess Brat."
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