Sunday, August 06, 2017

How they lie in the bey-hive


CRAPAPEDIA proclaims:

Beyoncé's sixth studio album Lemonade was released on April 23, 2016 after an hour-long accompanying video that premiered on HBO. With Lemonade, Beyoncé became the first act in history to have six consecutive number one albums in the US.[25]

But that's not true.

As usual, it's crap -- CRAPADEIA.

The Beatles, for example, had 14 studio albums hit number one in the US.

Bow down, Beyonce and your bitches, bow down.

Oh, well surely of the solo artists --

Just shut your mouth, Bey-hive, you've lied enough already for the century.

Barbra Streisand has had 9 studio albums hit number one.

More to the point, that footnote of "25" goes to a BILLBOARD article -- does no one at CRAPAPEDIA know how to read? -- which explains she's the first to have her first six albums go number one.

Because there are many, many artists who have already had six number one albums before she learned to shake her ass and play around in the studio to give the impression of a voice.

Yeah, Bey-hive, we went there on your corporate friendly ass.

Now back it up, we're bored with everything you have to offer.

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