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TV: The spoiled children cry and lie

Rachel Maddow cries on TV and Twitter works overtime to hide it?  What's up with the media these days?

No, no one likes a cry baby -- especially a 45-year-old cry baby.

Is it wrong of me to take pleasure in someone else’s suffering? Nope.

Maddow is a talk show host -- a very bad one.  And she's never been able to manage facts -- not on UNFILTERED or any of her other failed radio programs and not on her current talk show on MSNBC.

On MSNBC, Rachel has risen to the top of the dog pile with a s**t pile of a show.  She doesn't address the Iraq War (after Randi Rhodes' blistering critique of Rachel's ignorance that last time Rachel tried, that may be a good thing).  She doesn't address Medicare For All.  She doesn't address the homeless population -- does she even know there are homeless in the country?

Any issue of real importance, regardless of what it is, is an issue she ignores.

What has she focused on instead?

Loony, conspiracy talk.  The Steele Dossier -- that piece of garbage assembled from public sources and rumors by a failed MI6 agent who took a lot of money from Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign and was spread around by FBI officials who apparently never understood what the US Constitution meant.  This was an attempt by government officials to depose a president -- a democratically elected one.  And Rachel was part of the media that repeated every fed claim from biased and anonymous sources.  They refused to practice the basic and default position of journalism: Skepticism.

They shamed themselves and they embarrassed the nation.  That's the so-called 'news,' that's the MSNBC celebrities like Rachel as well as their 'guest stars' like the fat and perverted Rob Reiner.  They misled the American people over and over.

Unlike Rosa Brooks, we've never supported making journalists register with the government.  Rachel and her cohorts should be thrilled that most of us found Rosa's idea unConstiutional because, if it had been pushed through when Rosa was in Barack's administration, right now Rachel and a lot of others would be losing their licenses.

A lot.

From "2018: The Year of Media Self-Exposure:"

Occupied.  That's what the US felt like for the bulk of the year.

Not even during Bill Clinton's impeachment did the press seem so hell bent on telling We The People what we should think.  Remember that?  Cokie Roberts and company were convinced that we just didn't understand that Bill and Monica had engaged in sexual relations.  So if they said "blow job, blow job, blow" over and over on TV, we'd finally get it and agree to impeach Bill.

Didn't work out that way despite their non-stop efforts.

The anti-Bill media looked like pikers compared to what sprung up in 2016.  They could never get behind Bill but, suddenly, they were behind Hillary.  She lost the 2016 election but wouldn't go away.

No, that's not normal.

When John Kerry lost in 2004, for example, he went overseas and then, when he returned, kept a low profile.  As did others who lost.

That's, in part, because the press is supposed to allow a grace period -- they call it a "honeymoon" -- when a new president is elected.  Donald Trump was denied that.

Maybe Hillary couldn't go away -- or even shut up -- for a moment or two because she so worried over what might be said if she wasn't steering the media circus?

Margaret Kimberley (BLACK AGENDA REPORT) said it better than anyone:

Now that there has been no evidence presented of Russian government collusion with Donald Trump, the rehashing will be more frequent. The Democratic Party and the corporate media cannot let this story die. They depend upon it and they must keep covering up their own lies. Russiagate is the gift that keeps on giving.
Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and their establishment supporters are responsible for the Donald Trump presidency. They were more concerned with covering up her scandals, attracting Republican voters and raising corporate money than they were about getting out the black vote that they always rely upon for victory. Despite raising more than $1 billion they presided over one of the worst debacles in American political history. Any outrage about the Trump presidency must be pointed in their direction.

 Instead of addressing those realities, 2018 played out like a never-ending season of WHAT'S MY LINE? -- only the guest being questioned was there to explain how Donald Trump was about to be impeached.

If as many impeachments took place as they predicted, the dog catcher of Cuyahoga Falls would be in the White House currently.  For the record, no impeachments took place.  But didn't they repeatedly act as though it was about to happen -- over and over.

No impeachment and, all this time later, no collusion with Russia.

Imagine if, instead of all that nonsense, the media had focused on actual issues?

Because these predictions weren't just wrong, they also weren't news -- not unless NETWORK's Sybil The Soothsayer had taken over journalism.

News, pay attention, is what happens.

Not what you wish would happen, not what you fantasize about while masturbating.

News?  Actual events that take place.

Somehow it got so confusing to allegedly trained journalists.

Let's clear up something else, talk show hosts?  Not reporters.  They may host an entertainment program or a public affairs one, but they aren't reporters.  They are talk show hosts. Flapping their jaws does not, and never will, pass for reporting.

It is confused with news programming because basic cable serves it up.  Now they know it's not news but they know what it is: Cheap.

Cheaply made television.  Investigative journalism?  That requires time and money and, regardless of whether the owner goes by COMCAST or Bezos or Omidyar or whatever, they're not going to spend money for that.  So we get opinion and, sadly, 2018 was nothing but uninformed opinion.  There was no proof of collusion, there was no impeachment, there were a lot of lies presented as fact by the media.

And that reality is now out in the open for everyone to see.  Even the blind.  Which is why Rachel Maddow -- who used this loony conspiracy to pump up her ratings -- was crying on live TV last Friday.

MSNBC hosts should collectively go on the air, bow their heads in shame, and apologize to the public for what they've done. Outlets should fire the ex-CIA, NSA and Pentagon officials who used their disinformation training to help these "news agencies" mislead everyone:

No apology but, again, Rachel was reduced to tears on live TV.  And when this cry baby nonsense was noted on Twitter, Twitter responded by stamping on free speech and suspending the person noting Rachel and the Tears of a Clown.  As ZERO HEDGE noted:

As left-wing news outlets were forced to cover the completion of the Mueller report sans high-level indictments (Trump Jr., for example), Rachel Maddow had a grand-mal meltdown after having been forced by MSNBC to cancel a fishing trip and drive in to work on a Friday night. 
Maddow fought back tears as she reported on her own collapsing narrative, to which Twitter user 'Karli Bonne' (@kbq2251) posted a video of herself laughing at Maddow's despair
As the video began to go viral, Twitter suspended her account.

Twitter moved to erase reality and, in that at least, they proved they were part of American media -- part of American media at its lowest point when it worked overtime to lie and to drown out any dissent.

They work overtime to drown out dissent and to drown out facts.  Pressured in real time, they had to admit that Nathan Phillips was all over the internet claiming to be a Vietnam War veteran.  He wasn't, he was lying.  And there were the video clips of him lying -- clips, multiples.  Briefly the corporate media acknowledged it and then vanished that reality.

It's sort of like what they're doing now for professional liar Jussie Smollett.  He maintains his innocence is generally how the reports put it.

Call a lie a lie.

He may or may not have paid the two brothers from Nigeria to attack him.  That will be established in court.  What is known is that he lied.

He said two White men attacked him.  Remember?

The brothers are not White.  They have admitted they are the two involved and they are not White.  Was Jussie mistaken?  No.  He's known the brothers for some time.

Jussie lied.  He damn well lied.

He went on GOOD MORNING AMERICA in February and whined that he was "pissed off" because people didn't believe him about the attack and that, "It feels like if I had said it was a Muslim, or a Mexican, or someone black, I feel like the doubters would have supported me much more. A lot more. And that says a lot about the place that we are in our country right now."

He lied.  He lied and he lied and he lied.


Ask his crazy ass, we don't care.  He needs to be off TV for good.  EMPIRE should have announced he was fired and never returning.

It doesn't matter what comes out in court -- he'll most likely be found guilty, but it doesn't matter.

America already knows he lied.  He claimed that 2 White men attacked him.  The brothers aren't White.  He claims that they referenced MAGA, they say they didn't.  That will be determined in court.  But he lied when he said he was attacked by two White men he didn't know.

The media may have trouble holding Jussie accountable not just because they fell for his hoax and presented it from the start with little skepticism.  They may also have trouble holding Jussie accountable due to their own inability to be skeptical about the claims being made about Donald Trump.

Look at NPR's Carrie Johnson, for example.  There she was on this week's FRONLINE doing a little drama, a little play, where she was James Comey.   "'Yeah sure Mr. President.'  Two, nobody else is going to be there.  He and the president!"  Thanks for the bad acting, Carrie.  It demonstrated that it's not just your looks that were holding you back from an acting career.  At what point does FRONTLINE admit that they wasted everyone's time?  Or that they never should have accepted "Comey The God" as a voice of truth or even as someone reliable?

Not on their episode announcing the end of the investigation -- a special that can't be bothered with facts -- not even basic facts like the investigation found no collusion between the Trump campaign and the government of Russia in the 2016 election.

The Mueller investigation is complete and this is a simple fact that will never go away: not one single American was charged, indicted or convicted for conspiring with Russia to influence the 2016 election - not even a low-level volunteer. The number is zero.

NY Times headline from minutes ago. Mueller finds no Trump Russia conspiracy but stops short of exoneration on obstruction of justice.

Even now, like hagtress Alyssa Milano, FRONTLINE can't be honest and wraps up its episode with boasts of convictions -- never noting that these convictions had nothing to do with the 2016 campaign or that you could argue you yet again -- as you did with Ken Starr -- had prosecutorial abuse.

On PBS' WASHINGTON WEEK, it wasn't even worse as that rag tag show rushed to find something else to work themselves into a frenzy over.  There was little Bobby Costa, curlers out of his hair and a quick comb out before facing the cameras while frantically jerking his 1.5 inches as he tried to work up a new scandal, Donald doesn't like John McCain.

Does anyone?

Even Cindy McCain had huge problems with her now dead husband.  The only one who didn't was her fat ass daughter Meghan Weight Gain McCain who seems to believe that her racist father is the spirit of America, the pride of the country.

No, Fatty, he's just another dead racist.  Another thankfully dead racist.

War hero?

No.  He was a vile and disgusting man who loathed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and loathed the Vietnam people.  "G**k" was a word he used and the press covered for him.  'He's not calling them all G**ks -- just the bad ones.'  What crazy world has the media pulled us into this time?  Because that b.s. sounds a lot like White racists who use the N-word and then say, 'I'm not saying all Black people are n**gers, I'm just saying some of them are.'


And John McCain belongs with them.  A hateful and disgusting man who helped start the Iraq War and who died much to the relief of the world.

  1. I guess Maxine Waters is referring to John McCain. Don’t her constituents need her help with anything more important? Who cares about McCain or Trump’s rants about him?

Liars one and all, the whole corporate media including PBS.  Exposed as liars, they now refuse to acknowledge what they did, the abuse of their profession or the time and focus they wasted.

They're all spoiled children today -- sorely in need of a time out.

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