Monday, March 25, 2019

Julian's mother

Julian Assange is being persecuted.  His mother, Christine Assange, defends him.  Twitter's response?  They ban her.  She's been un-banned (for now) and here are some of her Tweets.

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    I'm fighting to free my son, journalist Julian Assange. For accurate info/updates: Media Hashtags

  • Suggestion for supporters. WE know that (legal team) was before Julian was gagged a year ago BUT Others DONT! Please refer to *Julian Assange* in tweets NOT or (Unless referring to legal team) Tnx
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    Which city will now find its voice and stand in solidarity with NY and Toronto for and on March 31?
  • We stand together with New York. Toronto will stand and whistle for a and . When: March 31 Time: 12 PM Where: 360 University. Toronto

  • We won’t change much by just staying at home tweeting and retweeting That’s why we should put our March 31, 12:00 Pm Washington Square Park Washington Sq South and Thompson St Entrance
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    Damn right, if the government successfully snatches Julian and gets him to that court.. it will be the saddest day on earth..for all of us..death of journalism, free speech, and no return from this Orwellian Nightmare.
  • In light of these latest developments, inevitable questions arise: were the US and UK essentially on standby to fast-track the extradition of within a shrinking window of opportunity?
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  • The DOJ jet arrived in London on March 19 - the same day that Twitter imposed a restriction on the account of Christine Assange () which would last for more than 24 hours, followed by the placement of an identical restriction on the Twitter account of .
  • The Elite Establishment don't like us unwashed commoners. While the US & its allies & Corporate media deemed the victims of their War Crimes as unworthy to even count, Julian Assange let their families know that they count SIGN & RT petition

  • Hundreds of flyers distributed at Parliament Square in support of Julian Amazing day! :-) back to the Embassy now!

  • Living in LONDON? Want to support my son Julian? Follow & co-ordinator They've been running the nearly 7 year long Embassy Vigil/Actions for Julian! You can join in! ALL WELCOME!

  • Paid CNN conspiracy theorist Malcolm Nance cries into his beer: “It’s the ‘no indictments’ part that gets me because there’s one indictment which I thought was critical to the entire matter. That was the indictment of Julian Assange & Wikileaks. “
  • No, Russiagators, "sealed indicments" CANNOT SAVE YOU. Assange has no "Russiagate" indictment. No one does. Assange's charges relate to publishing the truth about the Iraq war, etc. in 2010 -- as he and his legal team have consistently stated for years.
  • Escalation Of Security Presence At Ecuadorian Embassy Raises Concern After DOJ Jet Lingers In London
  • Great short update on the escalating risks to the safety of my son Julian this week! Follow & support independent journalist for regular accurate updates on Julians plight!

  • Before WikiLeaks, US Government Threatened Press Freedom With Grand Jury Investigations Into Pentagon Papers
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    My son multi-award winning journalist Julian Assange: *8 YEARS - Detained WITHOUT charge! *6 YEARS -Denied proper health/medical care! * 3 YEARS- Sick/in pain! *1 YEAR -Isolated, gagged, & tortured! MEDIA SILENT!! Will YOU speak up? More:
  • GOVT: We support whistleblowing! Just not whistleblowers We support free press! Just not journalists that actually practice it We condemn bullying & torture! Unless its used to silence & break whistleblowers & journalists
  • What's really going on here? Let's cut thru the B.S.! Julian stood up for truth & justice! He outed the bad guys! And now the bad guys want him silenced & punished & their pet political poodles & pen pushers have joined in! But the people are pushing back!

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