Monday, March 25, 2019

Editorial: Another tragedy in Iraq

Ferry tragedy and corruption in Mosul affect all Iraq 

The tragedy has (yet again) exposed the failures of the Iraqi government. 

  1. Iraq Ferry Accident Sets Off Political Upheaval in Mosul
  2. In-depth - ‘This week's round-up of under-reported news from Iraq focuses on Iran's influence, water shortages and the ferry disaster in
  3. Mother’s Day in Iraq : Corruption and the Victims on the Mosul Ferry
  4. "I lost my beloved mother, sister and 4-month-old brother," Aya told al-Monitor, shedding tears. "My aunt also drowned, leaving her three daughters, the youngest of whom is 7 years old. It is an indescribable tragedy." Mosul Ferry Disaster
  5. Ferry disaster highlights corruption, mafia-like activities in Mosul via
  6. Plea for help from founder of to support the families affected by the Mosul ferry tragedy
  7. Mosul Eye Report: Mosul Ferry Tragedy

Will Iraq ever have a government that puts the Iraqi people first?  Or will it just be a puppet government forever?

  1. Accused of , of duty, of public & abuse of power, an provincial governor has been removed by the country’s parliament after being blamed for a boat capsizing that killed at least 90 ppl.

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