Monday, July 02, 2018

is coca cola homophobic?


is coca cola homophobic?

have you seen the stupid commercial?

x shares with j, y shares with h ...

the coke commercial where everyone pairs up by two like animals going onto noah's arc?

am i the only 1 bothered by the fact that it is all these couples and not 1 is 2 gals or 2 guys?

2018 and the only way coke can see love is with opposite sex couples?

that's how they try to appeal to 'every 1'?  that's how they try to sell their product?

they don't think lgbtqs drink cola?
here's the commercial i'm talking about.

and finding this on youtube?  pissed me off even more.  because here's the paragraph coke attached to it:

We share all kinds of things with the ones we love. Dance moves. A song. A kiss. But this summer, the best kind of sharing is when you share a Coke made especially for your significant other. After all, it's got their name on it.
apparently gay people have no 'significant others' hence their absence in the stupid commercial.

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