Sunday, December 22, 2013

Prachi Gupta, correct your error

Oh, look, it's Prachi.

  • Hey, Prachi
    You're so blind
    You're so blind
    You blow my mind
    Hey, Prachi
    Hey, Prachi

    We're not fans of the faux critics of The Water Cooler Set.

    They do nothing of value.

    That includes Prachi Gupta who never seems to notice the lack of color on The Daily Show.  Does Lewis Black's 'Back In Black' bit  confuse her?  She gets that he's White, right?

    We ask because Prachi became the internet's big voice for the lack of diversity on SNL.

    Yes, a few months ago, Prachi Gupta 'discovered' the lack of African-American women on Saturday Night Live.

    We'd noted the issue for years and did so in a factual manner.

    When it became a Water Cooler Topic last fall, Prachi and Salon rushed in for one of the worst and most ignorant articles on the topic.

    Among the big howlers:

    In a recent Hollywood Reporter profile, “Will and Grace’s” Todd Milliner, who lost a television show host audition to Aisha Tyler, dropped a troubling but revealing joke: “When an African-American woman takes your spot and you’re a white guy, it’s time to hang it up.”

    There was nothing troubling about Milliner's joke.

    He was mocking himself and his own lack of talent, he was mocking a system that rewards White over all other races.  He was saying that when Aisha Tyler, a talented African-American, beat him (and many others) out for a hosting gig at E, despite all the benefits that came with his skin color, it was the message that he lacked the talent to be an on air.  That's why he moved over to producing.

    But we're bringing that up not just because Prachi's an idiot at interpretation.

    We're bringing it up because we've waited months for the correction.

    It's still not been made.

    Todd Milliner was not part of Will & Grace.  He never acted on the show, he never wrote for the show, he never directed, he never produced it.  He had nothing to do with Will & Grace.

    Nor did The Hollywood Reporter claim that he had.

    So why did Prachi feel the need, in her attack on Milliner, to bring up Will & Grace?  Maybe SNL can do a skit about a homophobic write for Salon?

    We are told Salon was informed of this error in September.

    It has still not corrected it.

    Making an error doesn't make you a bad journalist.  Refusing to correct it, however, does make you one.

    And calling out a show everyone's dog piling on?  Doesn't make you courageous.  But staying silent on the same lack of diversity on The Daily Show  does make you a coward.

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