Sunday, December 22, 2013

Idiot of the Week

Non-feminist Beyonce made another tits and ass 'manifesto' where she uses sex as, yes, a weapon.

It has inspired a lot of stupidity but possibly none more so than the defense Mikki Kendall offered at Essence:

Does that mean BeyoncĂ© is the new ideal feminist? Of course not. Just look at Jay-Z's verse on Drunk In Love, in which he references Ike Turner and that infamous line “Eat the cake, Anna Mae,” a reference that many will recognize from the abusive diner scene between Ike and Tina Turner in What's Love Got To Do With It. The song is clearly not intended to be a feminist anthem. If anything it is likely an exploration of sexual dynamics.
And that brings us into the messy reality that often someone's politics and their kinks can be at odds. Does that make casual references to violent men and domestic violence okay? No. But you'd be hard pressed to find anyone with feminist values who ascribes to them in every aspect of their lives. 

First of all, "Eat the cake," is not a reference to a movie scene.

Stupid idiot, Disney's Touchstone's may have made What's Love Got To Do With It? but Tina Turner isn't Minnie Mouse.  She's an actual person.

And that 'movie event' is a real life event from her own life.

Second, violence isn't about sex.

Beating a woman isn't about sex.

Rape isn't about sex.

How damn stupid are you?

How far up Beyonce's ass are you?

We have no idea.

But you are absolutely idiot of the week.

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