Sunday, October 13, 2013

From The TESR Test Kitchen

butterfinger cookies

Reader Stacia e-mailed to ask if we'd heard of or tried Bud's Best Cookies' Candy 'n Cookies Made with Nestle Butterfinger Candy Pieces?

No, we hadn't and it took a lot of searching to find them.  (Try dollar stores and drug stores.)

When you do find them?

Grab a couple of boxes.

They're a dollar a piece for a box with six ounces.

Once you open the foil inside the box, they're gone.

They're like Lays potato chip in that you will not eat just one.  You will work your way quickly through the box.

If you like Butterfinger candy bars, you'll love the cookies -- the bits of Butterfinger in them taste like the candy bar. 

Between the great taste and the low price, we'd rate this a winning purchase.  But remember, buy more than one box, they will go quickly.

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