Sunday, October 13, 2013

Editorial: Nouri is the cause of the violence

AP reports bombings throughout Iraq today have left at least 42 people dead.  And before today, Iraq Body Count put the death toll for the month as 422.

The violence just goes on and on.

If you have to ask "Why?" then you aren't paying attention.

The answer to "Why?" was and remains chief thug and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

 I see Ba'athists


Last week, the Iraqi government executed 42 more people and, in doing so, exceeded the number of executions in Iraq for all of 2012.  This led the Executive Director of Death Penalty Information Center Richard Dieter to point out to The Voice of Russia, "Putting out displays of people hanging, even Saddam Hussein, when he was executed, I think it just kind of sparks the other side, whoever that may be, to use violence in order to get their victory. I don’t think it really helps to use the death penalty as a political tool to try to calm things down."

 No, it doesn't.

And Nouri al-Maliki using violence against a people will not lower the rate of violence either.

National Iraqi News Agency reports:

Residents of Garmah area east of Fallujah, urged the central government to intervene to end the siege imposed on them by the army since more than a week ago.
Citizens of the area stated to NINA : "The army imposed on Garmah siege since more than a week ago and infringing citizens and arresting dozens of them for no reason.
They also accused the army as unable to provide security in those areas, demanding the central government to withdraw its military forces and assigned the task to the local police to maintain security.

 Does that sound like Nouri's spreading peace and love?


Nouri is the problem.

Remember that as he gears up to meet with US President Barack Obama later this month.

Illustration is Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "I See Ba'athists."
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