Sunday, July 08, 2012

Truest statement of the week

There have been more drone attacks under Obama than during the eight years of their use by the Bush-Cheney gang. Gitmo is still open, rendition of suspects is still going on, and we still are in over 100 countries with over 800 permanent bases. We still occupy and kill and are killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, the real tragedy is that under Mr. Obama and his party, in collaboration with the Republicans, military spending goes up and up and up — to the tune last year of over $563 billion. Imagine what some of that money could have done to alleviate the housing mess or the need for more good paying jobs? Infrastructure repairs for our cities, our roads? How about having our National Guard out there doing what they were meant to do: help out in disaster relief? Nope! Where are the Ed Shultzs and Rachel Maddows, Chris Mathews, Al Sharptons et al.? Silence!

-- Phillip Anthony Faruggio, "Phony Conservatives and Progressives In The Media" (Dissident Voice).

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