Sunday, April 29, 2012

How the Democratic Party* Helped Mitt Romney

If there is even a 51% chance that someone is going to be your political opponent in an election, smart people know you don't build those people up or launch an effort to make them look good.

Smart people know that.

Smart people apparently left the DNC when the stench of Chicago clobbered in on fat pigs feet.

Those 'geniuses' -- party operatives and freelancers -- knew there was a better than 51% chance Mitt Romney would be the GOP's presidential candidate.  It's been obvious all along that only a huge scandal would kill his chances.  Newt Gingrich never had 'likeability' and Rick Santorum was turned into  national joke by Air America Radio in 2004 -- when it actually (and briefly) had an audience.  Those were the top three contenders.  Ron Paul's too much of a maverick (the real kind, not the press created ones) to get the nomination.  The rest?  Gary Fred Pawlenty Roemer Bachman Cain Jr.?  They all blur.

So it was always going to be Mitt.

mitt romney

But Democratic operatives and freelancers lost focus.  Worse, they got caught up in Gary Fred Pawlenty Roemer Bachman Cain Jr. plus Santorum and Gingrich.

And they wanted you to know, those people are crazy.  C-r-a-z-y!

Those people are nuts!  And, damn, let's laugh at how crazy they are! And let's tell America how freaking crazy they all are!  Man,t hey're nuts!

If, in November 2012, Barack Obama was going to be running against all of them, that might have been a good strategy.

But it appears he's running against Mitt Romney.

You know him, right?

The 'stiff.'  The one that really didn't seem as crazy as the jokes about the Republican field.  And all those people who laughed at those jokes and are seeing that Mitt Romney isn't Hannibal Lecter?

They're seeing him as reasonable.

That can change.  And very well may.

But the actions of the Democratic operatives and the free lancers made suer that Mitt seemed normal.  Painting the entire slate as crazy and ridiculous doesn't hurt him.  And to non-Republicans, it makes him seem like a reasonable and, yes, strong choice.

If Mitt Romney were a political genius, he would have prayed that the opposition do just what they did.  Next time, Democrats might want to consider that smarmy and snarky might get a laugh or two but they're really not campaign tools.

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