Sunday, April 29, 2012

Election 2012: The Battle Ground States

"What is this? High school?" asked KJ (Teri Reeves) on last week's Battleground ("Nothing About Chile" -- the Hulu original series has a new episode every Tuesday).  If an insurgent campaign is high school, what's the press?  And what's the bloated, preening egos of MSNBC prime time posing as press?

Last week, Lawrence O'Donnell bloviated with the unfortunately named Krystal Ball and the unfortunate Ari Melber.   They had the story, they insisted, there were seven battleground states.

Based on what?

Their say so.  Excuse us.  MSNBC at night isn't a news outlet.  They based that on the work done by the news people of NBC.

However . . .


The Obama campaign declares there are ten battleground states and they do so on their donation page where they urge those who have maxed out with Barack to donate instead to ten states:  Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

Colorado through Virginia, NBC got.  CBS counts Iowa.  They, in fact, say there are 16 battleground states.  We thought about checking to see if ABC News had a prediction but were afraid we'd have to sit through another video the 'news people' saw on YouTube and found to be too precious for words.

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