Sunday, April 29, 2012

Editorial: Barack's Iraq problem

The press has been so very good to Barack Obama.   When he was a candidate, they largely looked the other way about Iraq War reality and allowed him to lie that he was always against the Iraq War.  They ignored and buried, for example, his 2004 DNC remarks to The New York Times insisting, had he been in the US Senate in 2002, he didn't know how he would have voted on the Iraq War resolution   ("What would I have done? I don't know").

They vanished it and when he won the election, they continued to act as 'cleaners.'

Take his promise to pull a brigade a month out of Iraq removing all "combat troops" within 16 months of being sworn in.  Barack was sworn in in January of 2009.   And, oh, how the whores lie.  Take PolitiFact -- an alleged truth squad -- where they rate it true.  They do add, in their final paragraph, "Tehcnically, he's a few months over the deadline, but he often said 'about 16 months' on the campaign trail."  Really?  That's how you measure veracity?

What a bunch of stupid and trashy whores.

He also, on the campaign trail, left people with the false impression that he was saying all US troops out of Iraq.

The Whores of PolitiFact didn'g give a damn about that one.  Whores so very rarely call out their johns, they just take the money and smile.

Even now, all this time later, Special Ops remain in Iraq, 700 US service member remain as 'trainers,' the CIA and FBI are present, Marines are present to guard embassy staff and thousands and thousands of contractors remain.  It's why the US military refused to call it a "withdrawal" and instead use the term "drawdown."

The same lying press that won't tell you those details, works overtime to ignore the ongoing political crisis.

I see Ba'athists

Telling the truth about thug and criminal Nouri al-Maliki might not be good for Barack Obama's re-election campaign.  And isn't that what the press is supposed to be about? Whoring to get their man (gender pronoun used intentionally) into office?

No, that's not what the press is supposed to be about.

And as they lie about Nouri for Barack, a frightening image takes hold: 2022 and Nouri's still prime minister of Iraq.  Should that awful vision come true, don't listen to the press that tells you about lying politicians.

DOn't believe the dirty whores.

The politicians lied?  Yeah, some did.

But the reality is, the press lied too.  They lied over and over.  They whored for Nouri because the White House wanted him.

Here's reality about the 2008 Democratic Party primary, Barack didn't get more votes than Hillary.  When telling that truth made the press uncomfortable because it meant going against their F**k-me-hard-from-behind buddy, they chose to utilize new criteria Barack's people stressed.  We bring that upb ecause they do the same with Iraq.

Barack backed Nouri.  Backing Nouri after the 2010 vote meant going against democracy, going against the will of the Iraqi people and going against the Iraqi Constitution.

The press built Barack into a constitutional law expert.  They built him into Abe Lincoln and other heroes.  It didn't play well for them to tell the truth about what he was doing in Iraq.

So instead of noting that Nouri al-Maliki's State of Law lost by many, many votes to Iraqiya, they wanted to tell you that it didn't matter because Iraqiya only got two more seats in the Parliament.  That's not counting votes.  That's not about what the people wanted.  The votes were clear -- and much more than two votes -- that State of Law was second place.

But good little whores swallow and smile.  Take Quil Lawrence of NPR.  Two days after the people voted, with over 75% of the vote still not counted, Quil went on Morning Edition and declared Nouri the winner.  Not State of Law, mind you.  Quil made it seem as though Nouri was running for prime minister on the ballot.  He wasn't.  But Quil wanted to whore, wanted to swing that ass and advertise his going rate, so he declared that Nouri won the election.

The vote tally, much later, demonstrated whores can move their mouths but that doesn't mean truth comes out.

Iraq is falling apart.  And Barack's nominated someone supremely unqualfiied (who may or may not have engaged in public sex when in Iraq earlier), someone tight with Nouri (Iraqiya -- the slate that came in first -- has declared Barack's nominee unacceptable), someone who doesn't speak Arabic and who has no management experience.

The US State Dept is spending $6 billion a year in Iraq and Barack wants to put a glorified errand boy in charge of that mission and that money?

Only when a group of tired whores pose as the press do these issues not get raised.


Illustration is  Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "I See Ba'athists."

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