Sunday, April 29, 2012

He's not a celebrity?

For years now, Wally and Cedric have been hailing and mocking Barack Obama as "celebrity in chief."  The GOP grabbed the theme for a new advertisement last week.

And touring the websites this weekend . . .

Who's pimping the celebrity idea?

romney site

A visit to the website of presumed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney tells you first and foremost that he's prepared to "Fight For America."

A visit to Barack Obama's website?

george loves barry

He may not be willing to "Fight For America," but he's happy to offer you a three-way with himself and George Clooney.

And leave the splash screen and . . .

george still loves barry

You can't escape /Clooney!  Does Barack not get that movie goers have made a habit of doing just that?

 Does he not realize how many films Clooney's carried across the box office hit finish line?


The closest he came to 'carrying' a blockbuster was A Perfect Storm and wise souls would realize Mark Wahlberg and special effects carried that film.

Poor Barack, so determined to be a celebrity and forever surrounded by the (at best) second string.

At any rate, good job, Campaign Obama, helping to spread the Republican message.
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