Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Doesn't Iraq deserve better?

PUK Leadership Council voted in favor of for the Iraqi Presidency, Salih will rejoin the . The remains the main & the ONLY obstacle for Salih to become next Iraqi Republic President. Salih is well received in Iraq, & endorsed by US & .

The KDP is his only obstacle?

His only obstacle?

What about the fact that instead of staying and fighting for Iraq, he chose to flee the country like a coward in 1979?  And the fact that he only returned after the US invaded in 2003?

From the September 18th "Iraq snapshot:"



What the hell has that piece of trash ever accomplished?  Selling the Kurds out to ExxonMobil?

More to the point, the position of prime minister has traditionally been reserved for a Chicken Ass Coward who fled Iraq.  Now the post of president will also go to such a person?

First, in 1979, Chicken Ass Salih fled to England.  Then he fled to the US following the Gulf War. When did he finally return to Iraq?

After the US-led invasion of 2003.

This is a president?

This is a coward.  This is an embarrassment.  From 1979 until the fall of Baghdad in 2003, he lived outside the country, cowering in fear, begging other countries to invade Iraq.

And that behavior is to be rewarded? 

Recipe: Chicken Ass Coward Salih Salad
1) Check to ensure that all of Salih's bones have been removed (this is just a safety step, the spine was removed years ago).
2) Add corporate backing from his corporate masters such as ExxonMobil.
3) Stir in US backing.
4) Add a dash of empire and a touch of chauvinism.
5) Serve immediately because with Salih, as with all cowards, there's a huge chance he'll flee quickly.

The US government repeatedly backs the weakest and most controllable Iraqis.  It's not interested in an independent Iraq.

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