Monday, June 12, 2017

New voting requirements

We're not favoring the return of the poll tax.

Nor are we calling for the voting age to be raised.

But, in lieu of a maturity test, we think each voter in a presidential election should have to sign a statement -- and have it witnessed -- agreeing that, in an election, (a) the results are not known until the vote is counted, (b) that anyone may end up the winner and (c) they will abide by the outcome and not spend weeks and months whining after an election.

Hillary Clinton's Temple Prostitutes have sucked up all the oxygen in the room.


Hillary lost, get over it.

Last week, Senator Patrick Leahy declared, "Poverty is 'no state of mind.'  Housing is not a political issue; it is a moral one. In Vermont, we know that housing people first is key to helping them step out of poverty.  With the help of Federal investments like Homelessness Assistance Grants, states like Vermont have reduced chronic homelessness by 45 percent, but this is only possible with help from your Department.  Communities across the country know that, instead, your budget will close emergency shelters and put people back on the streets."

Poverty, a topic rarely addressed, could have gotten traction.

But instead, we were all wasting our time on 'Russia' and nonsense because that's what The Temple Prostitutes want.

If MSNBC were truly a left -- or even center-left -- network, Leahy's remarks would have been addressed, the budget from the Housing Department would have been discussed -- non-stop.

But it's just another corporate network dedicated to disguising reality.

So instead of poverty discussions, they serve up testimonials to the FBI and CIA.

  1. Every black person not hoodwinked into loving the FBI. I was worried about some of my people.

The same CIA and FBI who attacked the rights of so many.

  1. What's up with the Comey love? Did people forget about COINTELPRO? How the movement was crushed? Fuck Comey and everybody else from the FBI.
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    Comey and FBI are new champions of liberal left. And you wonder why it's so difficult to build a real progressive opposition in the U.S.

We shouldn't have to endure this nonsense.

Again, sworn statements to abide by the outcome of a presidential election should be implemented in 2020.


Illustration is Isaiah's "The Rebel Hillary."

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