Monday, June 12, 2017

Editorial: The Left lost a lot


Today, the US Defense Department announced:

Strikes in Iraq
In Iraq, coalition military forces conducted seven strikes consisting of 35 engagements against ISIS targets:
-- Near Bayji, two strikes engaged two ISIS tactical units and destroyed three vehicles, two tactical vehicles, two ISIS-held buildings, an anti-air artillery system and an ISIS staging area.
-- Near Kisik, a strike engaged two ISIS tactical units and destroyed six fighting positions, four car bombs, two mortar systems, a medium machine gun, and an ISIS staging area.
-- Near Mosul, three strikes engaged two ISIS tactical units; destroyed five fighting positions, two mortar systems, two car bombs, a supply cache, and an explosives cache; and suppressed a mortar team.

-- Near Tal Afar, a strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed a vehicle.

That never-ending Iraq War.

It never ends.

Thomas Gibbons-Neff (WASHINGTON POST) reports:

The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria appears to have used white phosphorus-loaded munitions on at least two occasions in densely populated areas of Mosul and in the Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa, according to videos posted online and human rights groups.
The often-controversial munitions are common in western militaries and are used primarily to create smoke screens, though they can also be dropped as an incendiary weapon. When a white phosphorus shell explodes, the chemical inside reacts with the air, creating a thick white cloud. When it comes in contact with flesh, it can maim and kill by burning to the bone.
While international humanitarian law stipulates that civilians must be protected from all military operations, it also says that countries must take even more care when using white phosphorus. Additionally, because of the weapon’s ability to cause grievous and inhumane injuries, rights groups caution against using white phosphorus to kill enemy troops if other weapons are available. 

Where is the outrage?

Let's be really clear, the left abandoned Iraq and when it did so, it lost it's way.

"It's horrific that this country gives weapons from Iraq & Afghanistan to police forces, as we saw at Standing Rock." Amy Goodman

Oh, look, War Hag Amy Goodman 'rediscovers' Iraq -- to talk about the US.

That War Hag pimped the war on Libya and pimps war on Syria.

She's a foundation baby these days, just another whore for war.

And until she's called out and rebuked, don't expect anything to change.

She rode the Iraq War to national prominence.

And then she tossed it aside.

Not unlike the bitchs of Iraq Veterans Against the War -- the bulk of whom were never in Iraq, but, hey, that just explains why they ignore Iraq today, right?

June 3rd, news of the use of White Phosphorus in Iraq surfaced.  It took THE WASHINGTON POST a week, but even they covered it.

But check the Twitter feed of IVAW and you'll see that they still haven't noted it.

They all waked away -- our a-la-cart 'activists.'

Like that joke Antonia Juhasz. is -- she's not even managed to reTweet it.

But she's just another craven whore desperate to crawl back up the ass of Congress yet again.

She'll make it.

Human s**t like Antonia always does.

But notice that they ignore Iraq today -- all this trash that used Iraq to make their names and to beg for money.

The Iraq War continues but these whores have moved on -- and, in doing so, they've revealed just how corrupt and trashy they are.

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