Monday, June 12, 2017

Love for sale?

vultures are pumping big $$ into , etc to build their lists. , a wholly owned front of 😂

We can't get reality from our beggar media because they're too busy walking the streets.

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt politician, she is a War Hawk, she is a corporatist.

Her defeat has everything to do with that.

But the vultures toss out dollars and THE NATION, MOTHER JONES, et al hands out lap dances.

Every whore should grasp that you can't stand up if you're on your knees giving head.

And every leftist should notice how we are being lied to and misled.

Mark Ames (CONSORTIUM NEWS) reports:

Mother Jones recently announced it’s “redoubling our Russia reporting”—in the words of editor Clara Jeffery. Ain’t that rich. What passes for “Russia reporting” at Mother Jones is mostly just glorified InfoWars paranoia for progressive marks — a cataract of xenophobic conspiracy theories about inscrutable Russian barbarians hellbent on subverting our way of life, spreading chaos, destroying freedom & democracy & tolerance wherever they once flourished. . . . because they hate us, because we’re free.
Western reporting on Russia has always been garbage, But the so-called “Russia reporting” of the last year has taken the usual malpractice to unimagined depths — whether it’s from Mother Jones or MSNBC, or the Washington Post or Resistance hero Louise Mensch.
But of all the liberal media, Mother Jones should be most ashamed for fueling the moral panic about Russian “disinformation”. It wasn’t too long ago that the Reagan Right attacked Mother Jones for spreading “Kremlin disinformation” and subverting America. There were threats and leaks to the media about a possible Senate investigation into Mother Jones serving as a Kremlin disinformation dupe, a threat that hung over the magazine throughout the early Reagan years.

They have no sense of history and they have no sense of shame.

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