Monday, December 19, 2016

Fear's all corporate war hawks in the Democratic Party have to offer

Civil War.

That's what a friend feared.


We were catching up for the first time in weeks.

And she explains she's doing okay but she's afraid.  Of the coming Civil War.

Like us, she's a lefty.

Let's flesh out her politics.

She's also scientifically based/obsessed.

And harbors a real crush on Glenn Greenwald.

How, we wondered, could she have been pulled over to the Debra Messing crazy.


It was MoveOn that had convinced her Civil War was coming to the US.

Specifically, it was coming Monday, December 19th if the Electoral College didn't overturn Donald Trump's victory and award the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

She hadn't bought into the Debra Messing crazy -- meaning she didn't believe Hillary should be president ("We'd be bombing Syria right now," she offered) but MoveOn had alarmed her.

And that really is the point of this crazy, isn't it?

To scare up support and, when you can't force people to support Hillary, just scare them with the threat of violence.

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