Monday, December 19, 2016

Eight long years of publicly pulling his pud


2016 winds down with what will hopefully be Barack Obama's last press conference as president of the United States.

It was yet another jerk off from a man whose self-stroked his way through life.

The most laughable moment may have been when he insisted that he didn't want to add to a "hyperpartisan atmosphere" during the election, "I wanted to make everybody understood we were playing this thing straight."

No sitting president not running for re-election has ever injected themselves more into the proceedings.

He came out repeatedly with one slam against Donald Trump after another.

He should have remained above the fray, instead he spewed insults like an angry, little kitten.

He hissed and he clawed.

And made a fool of himself -- as usual.

We look forward to the start of March 2017 when it suddenly hits Barack that the whole world doesn't need updates on what he thinks and feels.

We look forward to the dawning realization that all of his beer summits are in the past.

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