Monday, September 12, 2016

Clitting for Clinton

This is our parody of the Twitter feed of a typical Clinton supporter.


33 y.o. male.

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton 30 sec
I still can't believe they cancelled this show!

is calling the shots! Binge watch on :

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton 30 sec
Before Hillary, my only creative outlet was picking my nose and arranging the buggers in order of ripeness.

Clitting for Clinton @Clitting Clinton 1 min
Yanni is so F-ing hot!
Expressing happiness to the orchestra.

Clitting for Clinton@ClittingClinton 2 min
My smelly bear Kenny G - Ima like a hairy stud

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton 3 min
Didn't stream 24/7 Comedy today, because I was too tickled by my own farts.

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton 2h
Yes, yes, yes!  I'm with her!
"The story has vastly exceeded the boundaries of the facts." — on the reporting on Hillary's angry vag

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton 2h
The media smears her again
Clinton falls ill during 9/11 memorial service in New YorkThe Clinton campaign announced later Sunday that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. The incident quickly renewed attention to her health. A planne…

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton 5h
@USAToday,@MSNBC,@NewYorkTimes it is sexist to focus on Hillary's health

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton 5h
Judd Nelson once considered a career in politics and having seen  his movies I wish he'd followed through.

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton 6h
David Bowie performing with Cher on the 'Cher Show' (1975)

Clitting for Clinton@ClittingClinton 7h
Quote of the Day: "When women support war, sexism targets them" -- Madeline Albright

Clitting for Clinton@ClittingClinton 23h
Ate at Grubs next to the powerplant, had the Karen Silkwood special.  It was rad.

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton Sep 10
Is there a Rosetta Stone for Cher's tweets?

Clitting for Clinton@ClittingClinton Sep 10 ReTweeted:

📷 Hairy men in briefs (or jockstrap) get me going every time❣️😈🐻

Clitting for Clinton@ClittingClinton Sep 10
Kenny G is a total sex god.

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton Sep 9
Installed new bedroom shelf to wipe my buggers on.

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton Sep 8
Don't make me laugh I'm at work 😭😂😂

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton Sep 8
I swear when I'm old Ima be just like her
Huge CONGRATULATIONS to for winning the Emmy Award... Yasssssss!!! ❤❤❤

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton Sep 8
So what if Hillary put National Security at risk?  I bet like George Washington didn't use a secure server for his e-mails! #DifferentStandardsforWomen

Clitting for Clinton @ClittingClinton Sep 8
What is Nancy Wilson of Heart doing with my smelly bear Kenny G
The Grammys came early this year. Bolton and Kenny G FTW!

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