Monday, June 06, 2016

Lying on the eve of the California primary

Did you catch the 'news' today?

Hillary Clinton Has Clinched Democratic Nomination, Survey Reports

New York Times - ‎2 hours ago‎
On Monday, Hillary Clinton gathered commitments from enough delegates to become the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democratic party, according to Associated Press.

AP can find whatever it wants -- although usually it struggles to find even its own ass.

But the reality is that Hillary Clinton does not have enough delegates to secure the nomination.

Nor does Bernie Sanders.

Super-delegates do not vote until the convention.

A case could be made that they should not be endorsing at present.

But their support is meaningless at this point.

Here's the reality of the delegate math:

Look at the REAL MATH of the Democratic Nomination. Updated TODAY. Hillary has not won and cannot win tomorrow.

This is an effort to suppress the vote ahead of tomorrow's primaries.

Superdelegates do not count until the convention.

Again, just a month ago, the spokesperson for the DNC said Super-Delegates DO NOT COUNT until the convention.
Luis Miranda, Dir. of Communications for the DNC on super-delegates
On CNN just one month ago, Luis Miranda, the Director of Communications for the DNC, said super-delegates should NOT be included in media tallies because they are not official until the convention.

AP should explain why they're attempting to circumvent primaries?

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