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So an e-mail comes in listing all these photos of shirtless (or more) men that Ava and C.I. have used in their TV reports and the guy who wrote the e-mail, Robert, is disgusted by it.  And they are treating men like meat and so much worse, Robert insists.


They used that illustration in "TV: Rules Of TV" and while Oliver Hudson is a sexy man, I'm not really sure his Rules of Engagement character with a bad sunburn qualifies as sexy.


The above ran with "TV: Persons Unknown, Plots Pretty Standard" and since you can see Jason Wiles' knob (and that it leans to the right, this probably qualifies as sexy to many.

cougar town

cougar town 2

Those two were used in "TV: Cougar Town Roars" to illustrate what had some prudes so angry at Cougar Town (the actor is David Clayton Rogers). 

James Wolk

The used the one above for "Week in TV recap (Ava and C.I.)" and did so to promote the show Lone Star and Wolk who is an actor they've long applauded.


Which is why they used the above of Wolk when they covered Political Animals in "TV: Eating off his what?"

In "TV: Women and sitcoms," Ava and C.I. also used this:


Robert missed that one so I'm kindly including it.

That said . . .

1 the cape

Robert must be a pit man because he finds this photo to be an attempt at sexy as well.  David Lyons appeared not in an Ava and C.I. piece but in "5 Best Super Hero Shows (Live Action) of All Time" which we all wrote.

Again, Robert must be a pit man.

Colin Farrell

That's Collin Farrell and Robert's right that it appeared here -- but for a piece we all wrote entitled "Something doesn't smell right!"  And I remember I was the one who did the screen snap of that and said we should use it for the article.

Robert never misses an exposed pit and objected to Ava and C.I. using this photo for a TV article they wrote.

nick jonas

That was used in a group piece, "Editorial: The wrong things grab the attention" -- read the editorial -- worked on by all of us and not about TV -- and you should grasp why that was used.

The Bionic Woman

Robert notes that.  It's from "The Bionic Woman Season 2" and that was a group piece, not an Ava and C.I. one.

Robert decries this photo as well.

conner habib

That's Conner Habib and it ran in the group piece "Columbia Journalism Ridiculous."  Ava and C.I. actually wrote the section that the Habib photo appears in and they chose the photo to run because they think Conner is a nice person as well as a good looking one.  So Robert can blame Ava and C.I. for that one but it's not in one of their TV reports.

There are a series of photos in "Porn Site Flickr -- Vaginas, Cocks and Kidde Porn" that we used to illustrate that Flickr is perfectly happy with some no-holds-barred images while opposed to political ones.  Robert didn't mention that -- either he missed it or there were too many women pictured in it to interest him.  I get it, Robert, I like the guys too.

Victor Rios

Like Victor Rios.

That ran in "Jim's World" and I especially remember because Jim bought me the magazine and then, years later when he wrote his column, he asked if I still had it so he could scan the cover.  Ava and C.I. had nothing to do with Jim's column.

Tom Hardy and Ben Cohen's images below appeared here . . .

Tom Hardy

1 ben cohen

but not in an Ava and C.I. TV report.   They were in the group piece "Who's left? The top 5 UK progressives" -- and there was a cheesecake photo in the piece as well.

But from there, things just get worse.

That's Jake Johnson from New Girl but it didn't run here until now.  That screen snap and this one of Michael Landes:

both appeared in Rebecca's "tv eye candy" at her site.

As for Oliver Hudson's heinie?

This is it's first appearance here.  Rebecca used it in "10 most f**kable men of 2013."

Robert cites the three following images as Ava and C.I. objectifying the male body.

ted 2

magic mike

perfect sense

Problem here is that these ran in Ann's "2012 Best in Film (Ann and Stan)" and Stan's  "2012 Best in Film (Ann and Stan)" (joint post).

And this one that Robert objects to (even though the man is fully clothed)?

bad teacher

That's from Ann's "2011 best in film (Ann and Stan)" and Stan's "2011 in films (Ann and Stan)."

We did run this . . .


. . . when we reposted Betty's "What was Justin Bieber trying to say?"

park avenue 666

That's Robert Buckley and it's from Betty's "Mommy, he's my boyfriend!" -- which we never reposted.

And these images?

adam 2


adam 4

adam 3

adam 5

They're from "Kat's Korner: Adam Levine itches for one on the flip side" -- which we didn't repost.

And Robert even includes this illustration in his complaints.


At least we're back to something that appears here at The Third Estate Sunday Review.  However, it's never been used by Ava and C.I. in a TV article.  Kat and I created the illustration for the piece "Mailbag" where we go through the e-mails.  I believe we created it in 2007 but it may have been 2006. At any rate, it has nothing to do with Ava and C.I. or their TV articles.

We're not ashamed of the human body here and we do run sexy photos -- of men and women -- when we feel the need.

But you probably shouldn't accuse us of stuff, Robert, when you're as lazy as you are.

As I read through your e-mail complaining about this and that photo, I finally realized you were using an image search and typing in The Third Estate Sunday Review and who knows what else.  That will not let you know which ones appeared in Ava and C.I.'s TV reports.  It won't even let you know which ones appeared here because you'll be getting results not just for our site but for all the community sites (true in Google as well as Bing -- I tried both).

For someone so bothered by the images, you sure spent a lot of time with them.

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