Sunday, September 15, 2013

Truest statement of the week II

Even the “peace wing” among black liberals, represented by figures like Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who affirms she will vote against Obama's war in Syria if given the chance, or Van Jones, who says he'd do the same if he had a vote, pretend to believe every single lie the president and his advisors tell to justify that war.
They never mention the monstrous hypocrisy of US posturing on chemical weapons. They neglect to remind us that every one of the last 11 presidents has lied to get us and keep us into wars around the world which have killed millions. Two or three million in Vietnam alone, another million perished in Iraq, and countless more in invasions, bombings, deployments of special forces, mercenaries and drones on four continents from Central America to Africa to the Middle East. And they don't tell us that the US and its client states, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Jordan the Gulf States, are funding and supplying the international mercenaries who make up most of the Syrian “rebels.”

-- Bruce A. Dixon, "The Unspeakable Truth No Black Democrat Can Utter: President Obama Is Lying On Syria" (Black Agenda Report).
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