Sunday, September 15, 2013


 This piece is written by Rebecca of Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude, Cedric of Cedric's Big Mix, Kat of Kat's Korner, Betty of Thomas Friedman is a Great Man, Mike of Mikey Likes It!, Elaine of Like Maria Said Paz, Ruth of Ruth's Report, Marcia of SICKOFITRADLZ, Stan of Oh Boy It Never Ends, Ann of Ann's Mega Dub, Isaiah of The World Today Just Nuts and Wally of The Daily Jot. Unless otherwise noted, we picked all highlights.

"Women Wanted" -- most requested highlight of the week by readers of this site.

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Defending Miss Barack" -- Isaiah on the courtly McCain defending Miss Barack.

"Vegetarian Meat Loaf in the Kitchen" -- Trina offers a vegetarian recipe.

"Barack skates free"  -- no accountability.

"Kerry can't stop threatening" -- Marcia calls it.

"Insidious: Chapter Two,""The Courtship of Eddie's Father," "DVD releases," "Movie lists" and "Heaven Can Wait" -- Stan goes to the movies.

"Science Fridays on PRI" and "Voyager"  -- Elaine and Betty on science.

"Toss Barack into Guantanamo"  -- Mike has a solution.

"What You See on ABC This Fall, You'll Be Talking About Tomorrow!" and "THIS JUST IN! THE FUN STARTS HERE!" -- Cedric and Wally on the starlet's latest interview.

"more spin from matt lauer," "revenge," "The truth about the media," "John Kerry and Amy Goodman need a vocab list," "The media," "Where are the televised rebuttals?" and "The fake 'news'" -- Rebecca, Marcia, Ann and Trina on the media.

"A year later, no arrests," "Benghazi," "Benghazi" and "More on Benghazi" --  Ruth continues her Benghazi coverage. 

"Putin and Barack" -- Kat offers some perspective.

"To Clarify Any Confusion" -- Isaiah dips into the archives.

"The Drone War" -- Mike covers The Drone War. 

"Neil Young" and "Bob yawn" -- Ann and Kat on music.

"He landed on his ass" -- Betty watches Barack fall.

"The sad confusion of violence with diplomacy" -- Elaine weighs in on the nonsense of bombing as peace.

"Dirty Rice wants your trust" and "THIS JUST IN! DIRTY RICE SPEAKS AGAIN!" -- Someone really thought Susan Rice could pull off trust worthy?

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