Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ava's POV

They say you can tell love by whether or not your beloved meets you at the airport.

No, I'm not griping at Jess.  I don't expect him to meet me at the airport.

But how do you judge friendship?


A very good friend of ours just got away from the roommate from hell -- several thousand dollars lighter -- and it was week after week of hell.  I'm sure we'll all be weighing in each week on some aspect of it but for me it comes down to medical treatment.

If you are with a friend when something gets broken (and I'll let someone else address the break because I don't think it was an accident, I believe my friend was intentionally hurt), you don't go into a bookstore to look for books.

If you do make that mistake, maybe you're too involved to notice blood and a broken bone?, you damn well go to the emergency room with your friend.

Unless you're a snotty nosed snob who has no reason to be a snob -- you were homeless not that long ago, you bilked my friend out of thousands and you bilked your niece out of your dead's sister's estate -- yeah, I went there.  There's your girth, there's your inability to shave your armpits despite the fact that you insist on wearing tank tops, there's you're missing teeth -- and you want to act like you're too good?

You certainly thought you were too good to sit in the ER with someone you called a friend, someone you stole thousands of dollars from.

I think Dona or Jim will address the Labor Day meltdown.  They heard it.  They were on a late night phone call and heard the drunken pig attack our friend.

But what I'll note now, a real friend goes to the ER with you when you break something.

Drunken pig -- Drunken Sow is a piece of work.

She may be thousands richer now but she'll be back out on the streets where she belongs.

In a six week period, Drunken Sow took thousands of dollars, insisting they were loans, insisting she was keeping track, insisting it would all be paid back with the money from her sister's estate.

Then she threw that money at her 'friends.'  She has no friends.

My friend was her only friend.

No one comes to visit her.  No friend calls her on the phone.

She has no job and she lies around in her own filth, wasting $300 a month on cable, and whining about how her money is gone.

My friend had a broken bone but helped Drunken Sow with unpacking and with moving things and hanging things.  And Drunken Sow didn't pay him one cent.

Because he thought Sow was his friend.

And you don't take money from friends to help them.

Drunken Sow has a 'friend' who comes over and does work as long as she pays a thousand bucks each visit.

Her other 'friend' is the cab driver she pays to take her around.  Like to drive her lazy ass a block from her apartment. Yes, Drunken Sow is that lazy.

My friend did everything he could for this crazy woman.  This disgusting, trashy woman.  And despite everything, she went off on him in a drunken rage on Labor Day and that's when he finally grasped he needed to get the hell out before that drunk stole more money from him.

I never trusted her.  But for me it was obvious she was no friend when she couldn't even stop her journey to a bookstore while my friend was bleeding and had a broken bone.  For me, it was obvious when she didn't accompany him to the ER.

When you need emergency medical treatment, a real friend is right by your side.

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