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What did we come up with?

This week we went with Great Iraqi Revolution which does a lot of truth telling but we emphasized the silence on the protests here . . .
And here. Because we're not really sure if most news consumers in the US are aware of how much is not being covered.

Those who aren't aware can start here on their reading. Ask yourself which was news and why it didn't actually make the news.

Ava and C.I. do a long walk through on Paul Reiser using him as a template for why Bad TV repeatedly happens. As the point out, in this space last week, I mentioned that they were so determined to note a break through last Sunday that they put on hold the worst sitcom. Today they tackle it.

Our e-mail roundtable. We tried to cover as much as we had room for.

If you're not visiting The Great Iraqi Revolution, chances are you are not informed. Reject ignorance, go visit the site right now. We'll still be here when you get back.

I (Jim) don't toss this around often but I do think Barack has become the worst president in the US. This effort to railroad Bradley took another turn last week.
A protest that Cindy Sheehan, Peace of the Action and others are getting the word out on.

Mike and the gang did this and we thank them for it.

And that's what we got. Next week, we plan to do a feature on movies that you can't find on DVD. We'll try to include any readers' wishes we get. Our e-mail address is


-- Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess, Ava and C.I.
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