Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hottest site on the web

Last week, Lambert (Corrente) observed, "Something else our Beloved Leader destroyed. I mean, these day, the closest the access bloggers get to snark is 'Maybe somebody should do something'." Barack Obama -- and the Cult of St. Barack -- destroyed a great deal.

Once upon a time on the left, we appreciated real news. Did that get destroyed as well? If the ascension of the Christ-child didn't destroy it for you, the one site online that you have to check out, the one that's always happening and always informed is The Great Iraqi Revolution.

The Great Iraqi Revolution

You will get the occasional AFP report about the ongoing protests in Iraq. Otherwise, you'll garner very little information. Unless you check out The Great Iraqi Revolution which is documenting it all. The struggle will apparently not be televised or covered by most outlets but it will be available online.

If you want to know why Iraqis are protesting, how they are protesting, what they are hoping for, the one site you need to bookmark and check out is The Great Iraqi Revolution.
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