Sunday, April 24, 2011

Barack finds a way to cut costs!!!!

Barack Obama's such a colossal disappointment to many of us on the left that some of us who never supported him fail to give him credit even when he achieves. Last week, Barack found a cost-cutting measure that, should he implement it across the board, will save American tax payers untold millions.

Please understand, it will not erase the deficit, it will not put America back on strong financial footing. For that, he would have to discontinue the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the Drone War on Pakistan, the Libyan War, etc.

But President Obama said he would find waste and he thinks he did.

Last week, asked of Bradley Manning, Barack Obama did something novel, he convicted him. Right there on the spot. He declared a suspect guilty. That would be frightening enough in a civilian court case but Bradley's case will be heard by the military. The same US military that Barack presides over as commander in chief.

And the commander in chief just declared a finding of "guilty."

We think it's great that Barack's taking spending so seriously. He looked around at our court systems, we're guessing, and figured that if he just declared everyone guilty, the US could save a lot of money on court costs, on filing fees, on public defenders on judicial salaries, you name it. From now on, Barack will just pronounce all suspects guilty -- a huge cost saving step.

Of course, it does trash the Constitution. But Barack's been doing that since before he was sworn in. Never bothered him before and since most Americans have been bothered by his previous attempts at pissing on the Constitution, this latest move probably won't bother many very much at all.

The Gayle

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