Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Miracles of St. Barack.

Barry O

And so he has spoken and so it is done. Last week, before a TV audience, Barack Obama turned combat troops into non-combat troops with a simple incantation. That was only one in a long line of miracles witnessed by the Cult of St. Barack.

Among the many miracles currently being reviewed by the Vatican for the proposed canonization of St. Barack, there is providing water, stopping tears and a basic cable offering.

1) Turned ordinary tap water into purified drinking water . . . with the help of a Brita Water Filter.

2) Provided Starz for free . . . to all U-Verse subscribers.

3) Prevented tears while shampooing . . . via Johnson & Johnson's No More Tears.

Our very own Corporate Jesus. And he also has them speaking in tongues they've yet to grasp as they praise "Morning Star" in the terminology of "New Dawn."
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