Sunday, September 05, 2010

Editorial: Turn the page?

When George the Bully Boy Bush spoke about Iraq, you couldn't miss the fact checks or the critiques from the left. Or their demands that the MSM provide fact checks. But last week, Barack Obama gave a speech filled with lies about Iraq and the left either whored (John Nichols) or acted like it never happened.


The Iraq War did not end on Tuesday. Combat troops did not magically become non-combat troops. The US military will continue doing what they have done in Iraq and talk about 'new rules' ignore the fact that 4,500 US Special Forces are not governed by those rules.

Barack lied that America was safer as a result of the Iraq War when, in fact, the Iraq War bred not only violence within Iraq, it bred ill will towards the US throughout the world.

Barack the appeaser insisted that those against the war and those for the war needed to "turn the page" and offered his own talk with Bush as an example.

George W. Bush should be in prison for War Crimes. Barack can't call for that today because he's now as guilty of War Crimes as his predecessor.

"Turn the page," Barack insisted speaking like a weak, candy ass who refuses to hold anyone (other than his stereotype of African-American fathers) accountable.

The Constitution was shredded, our democracy was attacked and the free press abdicated their role. No, we're not going to turn a page.

We're not going to forget the way our leaders betrayed us, betrayed our beliefs, betrayed our laws. We're not going to wipe the slate clean and pretend nothing ever happened.

But then we're not some gutless changeling, forever desperate to fit in. We are American citizens who damn well will as what our country will do for us because that's the job of a federal government to provide for the citizens.

Male whore John F. Kennedy managed to 'flip the script' and push his and the government's responsibility off on the people setting the stage for the Vietnam nightmare that would follow.

It's past time that the people rose up and said enough.

Turn the page?

Hell no.

After Vietnam, Gerald Ford had to offer a conditional pardon program to those who resisted the draft and those who deserted and Jimmy Carter had to offer a a pardon to draft resisters. Why? Because Richard Nixon wasn't being punished for his crimes.

Bush isn't being punished for his crimes and what the hell is Barack offering?

Not a damn thing. Not even pardons for war resisters.

Bush walks free but those who refused to take part in the illegal war get nothing?

How very typical of Barack Obama.

If Tuesday's accomplished anything it was the destroying any remaining dreams that Barack H. Obama was the antiwar president.
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