Sunday, March 15, 2009

Barry 'No, we don't!', Arne 'Yes, we do!'

"President Obama took aim Thursday at conservative critics who claim that he is using the economic crisis to ram through an unrelated, expansive domestic agenda." CNN reported Barack vigorously protesting.

Poor Barry, he's just a natural born liar. Been lying since the day he was born. And it's a shame CNN failed to catch PBS' NewsHour Thursday. Barry's Secretary of Education (and f**k buddy?) Arne Duncan was self-stroking and the following took place:

JOHN MERROW: But you are going to be writing the checks. That's power.
ARNE DUNCAN: You see it as power; I see it as partnership.
JOHN MERROW: Do we need national standards?
ARNE DUNCAN: I think we need to look at it. I think the idea of 50 states doing things, you know, their own way doesn't quite make sense.
JOHN MERROW: Do you anticipate using some of this stimulus money, this incentive money to help these national standards emerge?
ARNE DUNCAN: Absolutely.
JOHN MERROW: So states will get money if they do this thing that Duncan wants?
ARNE DUNCAN: If you play by these rules, absolutely right.
JOHN MERROW: You're OK with having a secretary of education say, "You can get some money, Stu, if you do what I want"?
STU SILBERMAN: You know what? I think that it's a whole lot better than not getting any money.

But Barack wants to insist that the economic crisis isn't being used "to ram through an unrelated, expansive domestic agenda." And no one's supposed to notice that while he's insisting that, his Secretary of Education is demonstrating how the charges are 100% correct.


Just like no one wants to notice how much his Secretary of Education looks like Goober Pyle.

Goober Pyle
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