Sunday, January 25, 2009

Editorial: Barack kicks the can

Barack Obama had a non-stop tongue bath last week. Let's hope he enjoys saliva. He didn't do anything to deserve a pat on the back, let alone tongue bathing, but we don't have a left in this country, just a crowd of suck ups.

Take the Center for Constitutional Rights which disgraced themselves last week. (See Mike's post.) CCR's infamous for a poster claiming they didn't whine, they took action. Apparently, they can only do that when Republicans are in office.

Last week, CCR was drooling because Barack was 'closing' Guantanamo. Yes, they truly have become that pathetic. Ava and C.I. last week broke down reality:

Barack Obama is going to close Guantanamo, he says. But what about the prisoners? Believe it or not, the cry to close Guantanamo was not a cry for relocation. It was a cry for freedom. But Barack made clear to The Post that some people held at Guantanamo could not be convicted in a court of law because their 'confessions' resulted from torture.

Did it change? No, not at all.

And funny because we thought CCR was demanding the release of the prisoners at Guantanamo. Silly us, CCR was just whining for nearly eight years.

What they really wanted was for the prisoners to remain prisoners but housed elsewhere. Consider the Center for Constitutional Rights nothing but a glorified Apartment Locator.

If you think we sound pissed off, you should hear some of the membership of CCR. A number of radicals making up the equally radical group aren't too keen on Vinne Warren applying "his mouth to Barack's nut sack on behalf of CCR."

Next month, Barack intends to beef up his attack on Social Security. Speaking to The Washington Post January 15th, he declared, "This, by the way, is where there are going to be some very difficult choices and issues of sacrifices and responsibility and duty are going to come in because what we have done is kick this can down the road. We're now at the end of the road and uh we are not in a position to kick it any further." Social Security he attacks in full next month.

Fresh faced Cover Girl Barack

What did he do with Guantanamo?

Not a damn thing. Despite the endless gushing from the likes of Vinnie Warren and despite his campaign 'promises," Barack is getting praise for 'kicking the can down the road.' No prisoners are being freed. Guantanamo's physical location isn't even immediately closing.

Most importantly, Barack's not releasing prisoners. He's continuing Bully Boy's programs. He believes in 'evidence' produced by torture. Hell, his own choice for National Intelligence Director, Dennis Blair, refused to call out torture in his Senate hearing last week leading Senator Carl Levin to declare, "Your reluctance to give your own judgment on that question, it seems to me, is troubling to me."

That's a clue for grown ups of how little is changing.

Barack's got three categories for the prisoners. The first group is roughly made up of people that other governments will take (even if it's to put them into prison), the second is a group that will be held in the US on military institutions (and some will get trials at some point) and the the third group isn't seeing the sunshine anytime soon. They're the ones who were tortured; therefore the 'evidence' against them won't hold up in a court of law so Barack plans to continue holding them.

Barack didn't do a damn thing. He hasn't kept his promise on Guantanamo. He hasn't announced that the prisoners will immediately stand trial or be released.

Liars like Vincent Warren are happy to polish Barack's knob. Maybe that's your thing as well?

Our thing is justice. Justice was obstructed and dismantled by the last regime. Barack promised change and he's provided none on Guantanamo. He kicked the can, that's all he did.


That's the reality and, when Vinnie Warren can get his hands out of his pants, maybe he'll be able to see that as well.

[Added: 1-26-09, TCI community member Brandy recommends Tom Eley's "Obama's orders leave framework of torture, indefinite detention intact" (WSWS) also be read on this topic.]
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