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'Caroline, No' cries Babycakes Bringiton

Babycakes Bringiton lamented the death of his princess Friday through Saturday in a post (and in his comments) that go a long way towards explaining how f-ed up the so-called left is.

Princess Brat

Before exploring that, we should note, in fairness, that with Lambert having gotten on Bringiton's case for using the n-word not all that long ago, Bringiton may have felt his most valued tool had been taken from him.

"Congratulations to those Progressives who helped thwart Caroline Kennedy," snarls Babycakes. Elaine, Ava and C.I. shoot back, "You're welcome, little fella."

Early on Babycakes insists Caroline has "connections across the highest levels of government through which she could influence others in the same direction" -- where you'd discover that 'fact'? E! True Hollywood Story?

If Caroline had that kind of power, it's a real shame she never chose to use it. But, reality check, Caroline has no power in "the highest levels of government". Caroline is nothing but a photo-op. She's Michael Jackson visiting the Oval Office for the cameras. She has no power at any level of the government.

She can't even get the senators closest to her uncle Ted to lift a finger for her because "star power" Caroline doesn't do fundraisers (except of course for The One).

Pulling one out of his ass, Babycakes insists, "Caroline would have won it in a walkaway, and voted straight line Progressive on everything for as long as she was in office." Lambert dismisses the "voted straight line" nonsense, so we'll focus on "would have won it in a walkaway." Based on what?

Not based on facts. As noted in the January 6th "Iraq snapshot:"

In US political news, Brian Montopoli (CBS News) reports that supremely unqualified to be senator Caroline Kennedy no longer has the support of New York residents. Kennedy would like to be gifted with a Senate seat by NY Governor David Paterson but Montopoli reports a new poll has found only 27% of New Yorkers want Kennedy as their Senator while 58% "prefer [Andrew] Cuomo."

Only 27% of New Yorkers wanted Caroline to be their senator but Baby Cakes knows she would be wonderful and win re-election.

Princess Brat Speaks

Babycakes next produces howls of laughter with this, "I'd written here, and in an earlier thread, that Caroline is a very shy person, who very much dislikes confrontation. I also wrote that for her to engage in a public fashion took considerable courage, and that she would need to find her way and require considerable help from others to learn how to deal with the press and the public." Next up! Bringiton lends his help to the shut-in candidate!

Agoraphobia and politics really don't mix. If you're "shy" and if it takes "considerable courage" for you "to engage in a public fashion," than you really aren't constitutionally suited to hold public office of any sort. And those who "require considerable help from others to learn how to deal with the press and the public" probably shouldn't attempt to start their desired political careers with an appointment to the second highest elected office on the national scene* that an American citizen can hold. [*That awkwardly worded sentence is worded as such to note that we're excluding governors.]

Princess Brat Campaigns

"Caroline is a good person, a decent person, and a class act," sobs Babycakes. No doubt, while sipping tea from his Charles Loves Princess Di mug. Babycakes reminds us a great deal of the lead character on Keeping Up Appearances. Doubting it? Watch for "the club" in his next remarks:

She's been solid on Progressive causes her whole life, and while she is a shy person who clearly wasn't comfortable with confrontation that would not actually have been a problem once in office. The Club would have taken care of her, looked out for her, nurtured her and, when she did speak out, deferred to her.

"The Club would have taken care of her" -- which club is that? "The Club" that killed her father? Or "The Club" as a social circle? If so, Caroline is not a part of the DC scene. Never has been, never will be. She's not wanted. That's reality.

"Deferred to her"? So basically, this "club" is going to teach Eliza Dolittle to speak and then, for some unknown reason, Professor Higgins is then going to just do as Eliza says? That's a highly active fantasy life Babycakes has.

He offers more class porn:

The Kennedy name is still golden, especially Caroline. Outside of the South, Dems would have been falling all over themselves to get her to campaign with them. No need for her to take questions or debate, or do anything more than smile big, say a few words, shake some hands and have dinner with the high rollers. One hand washes the other in DC; she'd have been very popular, and well taken care of.

So many words. So few facts.

"The Kennedy name is still golden, especially Caroline." John, Jackie and John-John had "golden" names to the tabloids and, even in death, they still do. Caroline? She's the Traveling Wilbury just along for the ride. In the last month and a half, the press worked overtime to create 'memories' for the public of Caroline. They had to work overtime because there were no memories. Close your eyes and think John-John. You can probably picture him as a little boy saluting, or shirtless playing tag football, or still smiling even after failing the bar the first time around. Caroline? She's a cypher. America has no collective memories of her.

"Outside of the South, Dems would have been falling all over themselves to get her to campaign with them." Babycakes appears to think there's some Gen Y contingent obsessed with the myths of Spamalot. Otherwise, why would he make such a ridiculous claim? Or is Babycakes just so filled with hate of the South and so ignorant of history that he thinks he can get away with it.

"The Kennedy name" would apparently mean she could count on the support of areas that supported her father (or does Babycakes mean Jayne Kennedy when using "the Kennedy name"). The Kennedy name meant a lot more in the south than in some areas of the north.
Kennedy won Texas, won Louisiana, lost New Hampshire, lost Vermont, lost Washington, lost Wisconsin, lost Ohio, won West Virginia, won Arkansas, won Missouri -- get the point?

"No need for her to take questions or debate, or do anything more than smile big, say a few words, shake some hands and have dinner with the high rollers." Or, as Barack might declare, it's okay with him if she just sits there and looks pretty, eh?

"One hand washes the other in DC; she'd have been very popular, and well taken care of," predicts Corrente's Psychic Network. Who says she'd be popular? Who says she'd be taken care of? If you're a Senator who busted your ass to get into the US Senate, are you really going to want to spend your time hand-holding the pampered princess who doesn't "need" "to take questions or debate" but can get away with just smiling?

No, you're really not going to want to do your own homework and do their homework for them as well.

Babycakes is a fool for Caroline as he demonstrates here, "And perhaps you didn't notice, in the frenzy of Caroline-bashing, but everyone wanting this Senate seat wanted it in part because it would come by appointment and not by election. That's because it is an appointment, not an election. There is no election now - for anyone getting the appointment. Got that?" Caroline has never run for elected office. Got that? The others vying for the seat -- by appointment -- had put themselves before the public, had records, had voting records. Caroline wanted to breeze past everyone with a "thanks for holding my place." Turned out there were not cutsies. Too bad, so sad.

Babycakes is pissed and showing his right-wingery throughout the thread yet again because, reality check, those sneering "PC" are generally Rush Limbaugh Ditto Heads.

Caroline Kennedy was never qualified for the Senate. In an election, she can run and she might be elected. The voters might have enough faith in her (polls do not indicate that to be the case) that they'd go with her. Fine. She got in by being the people's choice and they judged her qualifications. The voters decided Barack was qualified. We really haven't made a point of pointing to his inexperience over and over since the election. The voters decided.

But to bypass the voters via an appointment, you better be someone who is qualified. David Paterson would have looked like a complete idiot if Caroline had a public imploding -- and 'shy' gal that she was, that was a possibility. Was she going to run from the photographers or assault them? (She has a history of doing both -- as did her mother.) Was she going to launch, you know, attacks, you know, on the, like, press? She has a history of doing that as well.

Princess Brat's Big Plan

The reality is the spoiled princess had more enemies than friends and, if she went to DC, she'd be on The Washington Post's playing field and not the playing field of her steady/walker's paper. Not having a publisher with romantic designs on her at her disposal, Caroline wouldn't have gotten the kid gloves treatment. Since the man who ran interference for her in the seventies has finally come out of the closet, she couldn't count on that former steady's help either. She couldn't count on anyone because, reality, Caroline never made friends. All she has is a bunch of suck-ups who either work for her or work for her family.

The reality is she wanted to be a senator but thought she could declare her past off-limits. Doesn't work that way. Trent Lott did or said something crazy in the past, the press had a duty to dig it up. Same thing for Caroline but, sad for Caroline, her past is very far from her public persona. In the end, that's why she dropped out. She'd rather walk away than trash her media reputation.

Illustrations above are Isaiah's "Princess Brat," "Princess Brat Campaigns," "Princess Brat's Big Plan" and "Princess Brat Speaks." For more on the nonsense of Babycakes' post, see Betty's "Hillary Is 44" and Marcia's "Chicago Dyke is an idiot."
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