Sunday, January 07, 2007

How to throw a civil war

How to throw a civil war?

Ask the Bully Boy, he knows how.

You decimate a country with bombs and invade it. Then you destroy the economy (see Naomi Klein's "Baghdad Year Zero" from Harper's magazine). You provide no jobs and destroy the basic infrastructure (electricity, water, etc.). All while asking Iraqis if they are Shia or Sunni?

Having underscored that you see a division between the two, you then leave them to compete for the very few resources that there actually are.

Destroy whole cities (Falluja) and reduce the residents to living in tent cities to increase the hostility.

In the times of woe, encourage the rush to extreme religion by offering no other outlets.

'Secure' (ha ha) only the capital and encourage further resement.

Having pitted them against each for the very few limited resources, now stand back and watch the blood bath while pretending to be shocked that it happened -- while maintaining that there is no civil war yet.

Repeat with greater psuedo-shock as needed ("as needed" means endlessly).
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