Sunday, November 19, 2006

Playlist this edition

What we listened to while doing this edition?

Well, we caught some of Laura Flanders' program. We listened to Kat answer our questions about how the non-pleasure trip to Ireland went. We listened to Mike who can't shut up about Casino Royale. (Mike says, "You must see it!") We listened to Dona scream, "The time! The time!" No, she didn't mean Morris Day was in the house. She meant, "Is anyone watching the time!"

Apologies to Cedric and Betty who both ended up skipping church this morning. That's not normal for them. Cedric stayed with us until seven a.m. his time. Betty is on a Whopper high (the candy Whoppers) and only got off the phone about an hour ago. (She and Kat were with us for all the edition.)

We listened to lots of stuff.


Afraid to admit it but a friend of C.I.'s dropped off Fall Out Boy's From Under The Cork Tree. Is it good, is it bad? We honestly don't know. We finally listened to that near the last few hours and we were too busy writing to notice it until it was off.

What else? Carly Simon's Anticipation. Michael Franti's Songs From The Front Porch. And? Barenaked Ladies' Are Me. (Which we just got the pun title, Jess picked it up actually.)


We think every thing Stevie Nicks ever released.

Seriously. The boxed set, the studio albums.

Stevie Nicks is our musical feature this week. The Tina Turner retrospective continues to pull in e-mail. We had Kat back with us and we wanted to tackle another artist.

A number of e-mails this week on the Turner piece noted they wished it had included "trivia." We think it did. We offer trivia in this one -- some clearly marked.

It was a mammoth entry and Dona's editing it down right now. We're big fans of Stevie and that may not come out in the feature. We think Troubles in Shangra-La was a return to form and Ty's telling Dona to add that but she's saying, "Add, I'm trying to get it down to a semi-readable length!"

If it doesn't make it in, "It is what it is." (To quote Kat.)
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